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> DO YOU live in another Country and want to move to America to Live & Work ?
> ARE YOU already in the USA and want to change your current visa to an H1B work visa ?
> DO YOU already have an H1B Visa and want to 'transfer' it to a new H1B employer ?
> ARE YOU having trouble finding a job / company offering H1B visa Jobs & Sponsorship ?

If you don't know where to start or if you've been searching on your own, we will help you

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What helps to make an H1B job search Faster and more Successful ?
Every job search requires careful analysis, planning and dedication to succeed. For this, you will need a plan of attack. First, it's important to understand that your résumé is in every essence, a marketing tool. Having a professional resume is important if you want the best results.This marketing tool should be used as a door opener and the better resume you have, will help lead to more and better job opportunities.

Most people know how to look for advertised job openings, but finding H1B opportunities is another issue. Whether you’re looking online, in the newspaper, at trade shows or anywhere else you should remember that not all available jobs are advertised right now, and not all companies are willing to sponsor H1B visas. Changes in the economic environment, normal turnover and industry changes generate new positions every day. Some of these positions are offered through advertisement, but most jobs are filled by proactive submissions and networking methods (over 80% of jobs are filled before employers need to advertise).

A proactive approach can land you a position much faster than passively posting online and occasionally looking through the listings on a few job boards. Using professional services to Proactively submit your résumé to H1B sponsoring employers can provide excellent results, much faster.

Some companies listing jobs online choose to keep their contact options limited to a generic email address or an online form. Much higher success rates are derived from submitting to 'real' people within the companies (the actual hiring managers and decision makers who are recruiting for the position).

Personalizing and proactively applying directly to hiring managers will put you well ahead of your competition when they receive your resume, addressing them directly as if you were referred to them personally will get their attention.

Following up is an important part of any effective job search. Many people find jobs by following up and making a personal impression. If you do not use professional services that do this for you, it will take hard work and motivation but it can pay a generous reward. For starters, your following up will illustrate that you are serious about the position and adamant about learning of their decision.


Top 5 Reasons to Start Your H1B Job Search Now
1) You are competing for an H1B visa - and the competition to get one and start a new life in the USA is high.
The H1B visa is the most sought after US work visa and many Foreign nationals want one. To successfully obtain an H1B visa, you need to be proactive, you need to be fully prepared, and you need to be committed to achieving your goal.  

You need to be the first one, not the last one, considered by H1B hiring employers. 

2) USA Employers need immigrants to maintain their global competitive advantage.
Many employers recruit highly skilled and/or educated International workers to fulfill their employment needs in order to create the products and services that ensure their business success. A report by the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) found that immigrants increase the total economic output of the United States, - are more innovative per capita than their native counterparts, - and contribute over $30 billion in increased income for native-born American workers.

3) Many proactive & positive people who start now, find the best H1B jobs with far less competition for the available H1B employment opportunities. They have plenty of time to find and secure H1B jobs and sponsorship offers, gather all the documents and certificates and references etc. that they require, and they have plenty of time to make sure they prepare and complete all the required paperwork and applications 100% correctly. It's smarter to start well in advance than have to scramble and leave things to chance at the last minute.

4) You need to be prepared, proactive and focused.
Obtaining an H1B visa is not just about conducting a standard job search as you would do in your own Country ~ there are many factors, limitations and many regulations involved throughout the overall process which include:- preparing a professionally 'focused & targeted' U.S. search, optimizing your resume for maximum results, obtaining a credentials evaluation (if required), applying and re-applying to companies, finding a job with a company that will sponsor your visa, interviewing and re-interviewing, securing and negotiating your employment contract, gathering all the documents, references, certificates etc etc. that the US Government requires from you and your new employer, preparing, completing and double checking all the visa application forms. There is no shortcut to the above, and if you try it alone, be prepared for a rocky and frustrating journey ahead. However, you can use professional and expert assistance, services and support to help ensure that your journey is smooth, short and direct, and knowing that you are in safe hands every step of the way.

5) Preparing for and finding an H1B sponsored job is a structured process. Anyone who wants an H1B visa must first find an H1B job (which for a lucky few can be fairly quick, but for others it can take many months of frustrating searching). There are ways to speed things up, make the process easier and improve your chances. You need to get your resume in top shape and your job search strategy focused right now, so that you're not rushing around at the last moment. H1 Base has the end-to-end services, from professional resume review, expert support, all the way through to specialist targeted solutions that help you secure your job in the USA and your H1B visa. Start your successful job search today.


What are the different methods available to H1B job seekers ?
As an International professional or student, when starting your "H1B job" search the preparation, the strategy, evaluating and selecting the best search method can often be confusing - where do you start ?

The most important thing to remember and focus on is:
• your new job MUST be with a company that will sponsor (apply for) your H1B visa.

· This means your Number 1 goal is to focus on, target, find and apply to companies that will sponsor and apply for an H1B visa for you

There are different methods of conducting a job search such as: internet based searches, newspapers, magazines, resume posting, placement companies, professional / targeted job solutions companies.

Therefore, depending on your career situation and your location, some services & methods work much better than others.

* As a foreign national (immigrant) who wants to work in the USA, you need to plan and execute an extremely focused H1B job search strategy if you want to succeed !

Some of the main job search methods include, proactive resume submisions, networking, resume blasters, applying to advertised jobs, using databases of sponsor companies, using recruitment agencies, using specialist H1B services designed for H1B job seekers.

Every year, statistics and reports show that 70-80% of H1B jobs are filled before sponsor companies need to advertise them on the open market and before they need to openly advertise them on general US job sites like Monster and Careerbuilder etc. 

Proactive targeting and submissions, and professional networking proves to be the Number 1 and most successful method for H1B job seekers every year.

Challenges faced by International Workers
Let's face it, emigrating to a new Country obviously has a few challenges and obstacles to overcome. Here are the main ones. Knowing the challenges helps you determine how to successfully overcome them :

1) the biggest challenge is finding a new "H1B job" which MUST be with an US H1B sponsoring company.

2) for many of you there will be logistical issues (your in a different Country thousands of miles away)

3) cultural differences and often communication ability issues (not just language but your in a different time zone)

4) the USA also has a very different recruitment and employment culture to most other countries

5) you are competing for a job and for an H1B visa and there are various visa restrictions, limitations and important time frames in the overall process.

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To Successfully obtain your H1B visa, You Must First find an H1B Job with an H1B Employer
* individuals can NOT sponsor or apply for their own H1B visa. Only Your Employer can.

Question :- How Do You Find a Job with a US Company that WILL Sponsor & File Your H1B Visa ??
Question :- How Do You Know Which Companies Do Sponsor H1B Visas and which Ones Do Not ??
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1) very few US companies sponsor H1 visas - even the ones that do, tend not to make it public knowledge!
2) most H1 visa Jobs in the USA are hidden - statistics consistently show that over 80% of jobs are never advertised or posted on job search boards/sites/newspapers etc (such as monster).
3) Even when a job is advertised on general job sites - you are then competing with thousands of American workers for the same position - 'everyone' applies for the same job and companies are flooded with resumes !

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