H1Base Report: Facebook

Facebook is among the top 100 H1B visa filing employers of foreign nationals in the United States, meaning that it's ripe for this series of H1Base reviews. But does Facebook offer excellent H1B job opportunities for International professionals and workers? Find out below.

Report of Facebook's History

Facebook was originally conceived in 2004 at Harvard University by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates, the site revolves around a system of personal profiles that allow people to exchange messages (either in public or private), join common interest groups, share "status updates" via a public newsfeed and otherwise make connections. The company also has begun a controversial system of monetizing page views both for private pages and fan pages via a system of "promoted" posts.

Report of Facebook's H1B Jobs / Visa Filing Statistics

Facebook remains one of the America's top 100 companies filing for H1B visas so far in FY2012 (Q1 & Q2). Overall, the social networking Goliath ranks as number 62, having filed 178 visas for foreign nationals. The numerous types of H1B jobs and professions sponsored by Facebook include: Software Developers for Applications and Systems, Computers and Information Systems Managers, Graphic Designers, Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists, Computer Systems Analysts, Computer Support Specialists, Business Operations Specialists, Database Administrators, and Computer and Information Research Scientists.

H1B Petition Approval and Denial Report for Facebook

Facebook appears to relatively efficient and careful when it comes to filing for visas, at least in FY2012 (Q1 & Q2). Only two of its LCA petitions were denied and three more visas were withdrawn. As a result, Facebook has managed to successfully file 173 H1B employees in the first two financial quarters.

H1Base Report of H1B Salaries Paid by Facebook

In terms of H1B salaries, Facebook paid its H1B employees in a range of $69,190 to $200,000 a year. All of the LCAs for this review were filed at both of Facebook's California based locations in Menlo Park and Palo Alto.

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