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In the competitive U.S. job search market, our industry-leading resume writers can help you stand out, and create a job and visa sponsorship winning resume.

Your Resume (CV) is what gets you considered for jobs, and what US employers base their candidate selection decisions on. Your resume needs to be perfect.

Resume writing services for all experience levels
H1 Base provides you with a personal resume writer that can help perfect your resume. Our resume writing services will give you the edge and advantage you’re looking for to obtain employment and visa sponsorship in the USA.

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Why Use Us ?
º Helping International job seekers since 2000
º Qualified and Certified Resume Specialists
º We offer one-on-one contact with your writer 
º Reviewed and improved over 100,000 CV's and Resumes
º Specialist in converting Foreign CV's into Powerful US Resumes
º Specialists in optimizing resumes for US visa sponsorship
º Ensures resume meets all US standards
º Eliminates all the most common mistakes 
º Increases your chances of getting a job in the USA
º Speeds up the process of getting a job in the USA

CV / Resume Review and Critique Service
Regular $ 119.95 - Special Offer only $79.95
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Choose this option if you have a CV, but want a professional US standardized resume
Review and critique for both US employment and visa sponsorship market
Get better results with improved formatting, wording, organization, and presentation
Make sure your not making any of the most common mistakes found in CV's
With a professional critique, we'll let you know exactly how you can improve your resume

Premium US Resume Writing Service
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Your resume will be crafted from scratch by one of our certified resume writers
Our most popular resume service!

Complete the job questionnaire to provide crucial information to your resume writer
Get matched with an industry expert
Discuss job aspirations and appropriate resume format with your editor via phone
Receive an expertly written resume within 48-72 hours
Continue working with your resume writer by email for a period of up to 7 days
Stand out from the crowd, get considered for better jobs, and get faster results