H1 Base, Inc has partnered with Immigration House Call, Inc to provide you with the most cost effective and highest quality US immigration DVD's that clearly and easily explain every aspect of US immigration for: Workers, Students, Investors, Relatives, Athletes & Entertainers, Waivers for health / criminal issues, and much more.

FINALLY... all of US immigration law and its secrets are explained to you in easy language. The H1B may not be your only option; explore other possibilities.

Created and authored by Stefano Riznyk, a renowned international lawyer with 18 years' experience in complex US immigration and visa cases.

What started as a 1-hour program is now over 4 hours long covering every single visa and Green Card (students, relatives, investors, workers, entertainers, athletes, religious workers, fiancees, and more), what it takes to get it, and what doesn't work. (doctors and nurses are excluded).

Tips, traps and shortcuts you won't find anywhere else. It covers waivers for criminal and health issues, waviers for U.S. citizenship, In easy-to understand language in both Spanish and English.

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Approved by the State Bars of California, New York, and Florida for 4 hours of MCLE. 


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Order today and get a BONUS CD that has 2 important items:
Forms and easy instructions for FOIA. A FOIA request is useful if you have a delayed case, criminal record, were denied entry to the U.S. or ever had a problem with immigration. With a FOIA, you will get a copy of the file the government keeps about you. Lawyers charge $1200-$1500 for this service and you get it FREE.

2. Forms and easy instructions for U.S.citizenship.

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