The Real Value and Benefits of H1B Visa Workers to the US Economy

Discover the real facts and statistics why many US employers want and need more International Professionals and Students

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Highly educated, foreign-born professionals bring tremendous benefits to the U.S. economy – and at no cost to American taxpayers. They are innovation drivers, revenue generators and intellectual property powerhouses who create economic opportunities and jobs for all Americans. America can strengthen its economy by welcoming more highly valued International professionals.

1)  Immigrants have founded hundreds of thousands of US Companies, across all industry sectors (including co-founding Google, Intel, Sun, eBay and Yahoo)

2) Immigrants have founded more than 50% of all high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, and thousand more around the Country.

3) Immigrant-founded companies generate hundreds of thousands of jobs in the USA, and, employ hundreds of thousands of American workers every year.

4) Immigrants contributed to more than a quarter of US global patent applications.

5) Immigrants generate Billions of dollars (yes, Billions) in revenue for the USA every single year.

6) Research has established that for every 1 H1B worker hired - they generate 5 additional jobs for American born workers - read the official report here   (PDF)

The H1B visa program is a primary source of job creation and retention in America.

According to the National Venture Capital Association, over the past 15 years, immigrants have started one in four (25%) U.S. public companies that were venture-backed, accounting for more than $500 BILLION in market capitalization and adding significant value to the American economy.

9) Immigrants create hundreds of thousands of jobs across all professions and all industry sectors the USA.

10) H1B visa professionals provide direct services to Americans and create jobs by developing new products and opening new markets for U.S. goods and services, and creating jobs for American workers.

11) Foreign workers must receive the same benefits and working conditions as U.S. workers.

12) About half of all people who graduate with U.S. master’s or higher degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) fields are foreign nationals.

13) In recent years, 55 percent of U.S. master's and 67 percent of U.S. Ph.D. electrical engineering students were foreign-born.

14) There is a long history of foreign professionals coming to this country and contributing to America’s economic success.This drives job creation and helps keep America competitive.

The H1B visa and Green Card programs both help to generate, and, to keep jobs in America. Many US employers warmly welcome, want and need more skilled and educated Foreign professionals.

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