H1B Visa Sponsorship - Top Jobs and Professions Ranking 

H1B VISA TOP JOBSBelow are the top 100 jobs / professions to obtain H1B visa sponsorship

H1B Professions and jobs are Ranked in order that US employers have hired and sponsored the most International professionals and students, and filed the most H1B visas applications

* Profession Rankings are calculated on the % number of total H1B visa applications filed

* There are hundreds of different professions and jobs that obtain H1B visas each year. The summary report ranks the top 100 professions 

* IT, Engineering, Finance, Health/Medical, Business, Teaching, Marketing related professions are ALL consistently in the top rankings that get H1B visa sponsorship each year

IT Programmers / Developers / Analysts

Applications and Systems Engineers 

Financial Analysts

Market Research Analysts

Business / Management Analysts

Financial Accountants

Physicians And Surgeons

Physical Therapists

Mechanical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Network / IT Administrators

Database Administrators

Electronics Engineers

Medical Scientists

Marketing Managers 

IT Specialists 

IT Systems Managers

Accountants And Auditors

Operations Research Analysts


Biological Scientists

Biochemists And Biophysicists

Business Operations Specialists

Civil Engineers

General And Operations Managers

Managers and Executives

Industrial Engineers

Secondary School Teachers

Financial Managers


Software Quality Assurance Engineers And Testers

Graphic Designers

Elementary School Teachers

Engineering Managers


Medical And Health Services Managers

Biological Technicians


Sales Engineers

Computer Systems Engineers and Architects

Medical And Clinical Laboratory Technologists

Registered Nurses

Sales / Business Development Managers

Network Systems And Data Communications Analysts

Public Relations Specialists

Chemical Engineers

Occupational Therapists

Life Scientists, All Other Types

Engineers, All Other Types

Architects, Except Landscape And Naval

Computer Support Specialists

Teachers And Instructors, All Other Types

Chief Executives


Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary



IT Research Scientists

Dentists, General

Materials Scientists


Biomedical Engineers

Commercial And Industrial Designers

Health Diagnosing And Treating Practitionersl

Law Clerks

Speech-Language Pathologists

Fashion Designers

Family And General Practitioners

Advertising And Promotions Managers


Materials Engineers

Administrative Services Managers

Instructional Coordinators

Foreign Language And Literature Teachers

Financial Specialists, All Other

Purchasing Managers

Multi-Media Artists And Animators


Industrial Production Managers

Food Service Managers 

Postsecondary Teachers

Physical Scientists, All Other

Middle School Teachers

Cost Estimators

Credit Analysts 

Environmental Engineers

IT Hardware Engineers

Interior Designers

Construction Managers

General Pediatricians

Technical Writers

Budget Analysts 

Special Education Teachers

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