Frequently Asked Questions

H1 Base Work Visa Sponsorship Programs and Services:
For your convenience, below we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about our services. If you still have any questions that we have not addressed below, please contact our support representatives who will help you.

I currently live outside the USA, can I use your services ?
Yes, we have helped thousands of people in the USA, and thousands living in over 150 Countries around the World. Our client base is globally diverse, but our services work the same way no matter where you are located.    

What locations do you have H1B Sponsors/Employer companies in ?
We have an extensive network and database of H1B sponsor companies in all Cities and States. Typically the larger the City, the more sponsor companies there are.

Can I choose any City or State that I want to work in ?
Yes, you can choose any single (or multiple) locations. One thing to consider is that the narrower your choices are (eg. one City compared to multiple Cities or States) - means that the potential 'opportunity pool' will naturally be smaller and therefore can take longer. Whenever possible, we try to recommend as broad and wide a search as possible to help increase your opportunity, and achieve the best and quickest results.

Can I choose what Job I want and what company I want to work for ?
Yes, the decision is 100% yours.  

What types of professions have you help people get H1B visa sponsorship ? 
With over a decades industry and market specialization, we have successfully helped people obtain sponsorship jobs in almost every major H1B profession, and at levels from graduate / entry up to senior management. You can view all the major H1B professions that we can help people in - here

What levels of experience have you helped people get H1B visa sponsorship ?
We have experience helping people at all levels ranging from:
- graduate / entry level including many International students on F1 and OPT status (we also have a Division that provides services directly to hundreds of University and College Career Service Departments), and
- low / mid and senior level work experience, and 
- management and executive level

Who pays the visa application and filing fees ?
The US employer / sponsoring company (US employer) is required to pay the visa processing fees to the USCIS.

I don't have a credit card, so how else can I pay for your service ?
For your convenience, H1 Base accepts a number of 'offline' payment methods including Western Union Authorized payments, Bankers Draft / Money orders, Checks (Cheques) from US bank accounts, and Paypal. 

Can a friend or family member in the USA pay for me ?
Yes, we have many situations where family members or friends in the USA pay on behalf of customers who are located in other Countries

Is it safe and secure for me to pay online ?
YES, because we have customers and accept online payments from around the world, we have taken extra steps to secure our online payment system for both yours and for our own protection. H1 Base is PCI compliant to meet the highest levels of security.  

How do I register ? Do I have to register online ?
With customers all over the world, registering online is the quickest, easiest and most convenient method. However, you can also register by telephone, or you can make payment by Paypal or Western Union.  

What happens after I register for a service ?
You will receive a purchase receipt by email, and, you will be contacted by H1 Base. You will be automatically directed into your account to start using your service. 

How long does it take to get a sponsorship job ?  
The time it takes to secure a sponsorship job depends on a number of factors which include the level of your skills & experience and/or education, if you have any specific location preferences, or if your open to working in any location, – and what companies, and how many companies have suitable job openings that match your experience at the time they receive your resume. The speed also depends on the level of service: the higher the service level, the faster it is. The truth is; there is no fixed time frame and it can vary for everyone based on multiple individual factors and situations.

Why do the top H1B sponsors and employers recruit from H1 Base ?
H1 Base saves employers valuable time, effort and money. We do not charge H1B Sponsors/Employers placement fees. This typically Saves them thousands of dollars compared to recruiting people from many other companies or sources, and therefore incentivizes them to hire qualified and pre-screened candidates from H1 Base.  

Do You guarantee that every customer will secure a Visa sponsorship ?
The truth is; 
No company or services anywhere can guarantee a job and a visa, b ecause of all the different factors involved throughout the process, and each individual customers situation, skills, preferences, and because employers choose and make the decisions about who they want to hire, pay salaries to, and file visas for.  However, o ur Premium Services help you improve and optimize many important areas of the complete visa sponsorship search including your resume, search, placement, salary, interview, immigration guidance, to ensure you get the best results and the maximum opportunity of success.  

What's the difference between Complete Professional Assistance and your other services ?
Complete Professional Assistance is the maximum assistance program that is more personalized and tailored to each individual customers needs and preferences. It is primarily designed for customers who want us to conduct a strategic, proactive and focused search on their behalf, and/or for customers who want (or need) the fastest possible results. 

Four of the most important differences are that:

1) Complete Professional Assistance customers enjoy the added benefits of working one-to-one with a personal visa sponsorship counselor and career advisor who guides you through the entire USA emigration and H1B visa sponsorship process from start to finish.

2) Complete Professional Assistance includes a professional resume improvement and optimization services to make sure your resume is perfect and gets you considered for better sponsorship job opportunities.

3) Complete Professional Assistance has the added advantage of being able to send your resume to two separate groups of work visa and Green Card sponsor companies (approx 1,000), and, the advantage of being able to send to two separate profession groups. This can help to make it twice as fast, generates twice the opportunity, and makes it the most successful service available.

4) Complete Professional Assistance provides the highest priority personalized service and support - and continues until we find and secure you a job with a sponsor company who will file for your work visa.