H1 Base Reviews and Reports on the 2013 Work Visa Options for Immigrants


So you want to work in the USA in 2013 ?
First you need to review and determine exactly which type of work visa you qualify for and want to obtain. To help you decide which visas present your best opportunity to work in the USA,  H1 Base has compiled a quick report of the most common work visa options that are available to foreign nationals in 2013.

Review of the H1B Visa (Professionals & Graduates)

You're sitting pretty for the H1B visa if you have at least a bachelor's degree (or its equivalent) or 12 years work experience or a mixture of education and experience (for example, a 2-year degree and 6 years experience). The professions that qualify under this visa include information technology workers (IT), computer programmers and software/applications developers, engineers, land surveyors, architects, media professionals, healthcare/medicine workers, finance and business professionals, statisticians and scientists lawyers/attorneys, educators, and many more professional-level positions.

And it's important to note that not only do you need to have the aforementioned qualifications or education, but the position itself has to require either a degree or the application of specialized knowledge -- therefore, people with a bachelor's degree (or higher) can't get a job at a restaurant busing tables and qualify for an H1B visa. BOTH the applicant (you) AND the position (the job you're targeting) have to qualify.

The US employer also has to be willing to file and pay for a visa on your behalf; a challenge in and of itself, because approximately only 1% of American employers file for visas. But even this 1% comprises more than 60,000 companies that file LCA's for H1B visas each year; therefore the trick to finding an H1B visa involves targeting the right employers who sponsor visas for foreign nationals. The visa lasts for 6 years, but only 50,000 of these are issued every year; they typically go very quickly, so visa-sponsoring employers tend to begin vetting candidates early. Begin your H1B Visa job search today and sign up for
H1Base's Employment Servicesto significantly increase your chances of finding an H1B Visa sponsorship job, or simply begin searching for H1B Jobs.

Review of the H2B Visa (Temporary/Seasonal Workers)
There's probably no better way to visit America and really explore it than to find work on an H2B visa. This type of visa is intended for non-agricultural seasonal work and it allows employers to hire foreign nationals during peak-load times, recurring seasonal times, intermittent needs, or one-time periods. Workers for hotels, beach resorts, ski resorts, theme parks, cruise ships, restaurants all fall under this particular type of visa. However, in order for an employer to hire someone under this type of visa, they must first be able to prove that no qualified U.S. workers are able (or willing) to do the work in question -- no small feat in today's economy. The employer has to first publicly advertise the position in a United States newspaper and make every effort to first hire a U.S. worker before recruiting a foreign national.

However, these opportunities do still exist for qualified individuals, and a targeted and focused job search will help to maximize those opportunities. Only 66,000 of these visas are issued every year, and the visa lasts for a single year (however it can be extended up to 3 years under close supervision of U.S. authorities). The visa also must be filed no sooner than 60 days prior to the date of employment, but no later than 45 days before the employment begins. Are you interested in getting an H2B visa? Check out AmericaVisaJobs' H2B Visa Page for more information about this type of visa, or search for H2B jobs.

Review of the J1 Visa (Exchange Visitor)
The J1 visa is a type of visa that encourages "intercultural exchange" between the U.S. and foreign nations. It allows foreign nationals to enter the country on a temporary basis for the purpose of working (usually in academia), teaching, or studying. The professions that are covered by this type of visa include au pairs, exchange students and scholars, certain governmental visitor, interns, doctors, visiting professors and researchers, certain types of trainees, educators and physicians. To get a J1 Visa, you have to be hosted by a public or private entity that is approved for the SEVP-certified exchange program. Visit AmericaVisaJobs' J1 Visa Page for more information about this type of visa, or search for J1 jobs.

Review of the Green Card Visa (Permanent Resident)
The veritable holy grail of visas for many foreign nationals hoping to live and work in the U.S., the U.S. Green Card allows foreign nationals to permanently reside in America. The requirements for this visa are highly variable depending on one's situation, but the most common ways of obtaining a Green card involve (1) having a family member who has obtained citizenship through naturalization who will file for you; (2) having a job with an employer who will sponsor one for you; or (3) emigrating from a country that qualifies you for refugee or political asylum status. Once you have a green card, many more employment options are available to you than with the other visas listed here, but (aside from getting one through the diversity visa lottery), it's also the most time-consuming to obtain. Check out AmericaVisaJobs' Green Card Page for more information about this type of visa, or visit our affiliate site Green Card Base to get assistance in obtaining one. You can also search for Green Card Jobs here.

Review of the TN1 Visa (NAFTA Work)
The TN1 ("treaty national") visa is a type of visa that doesn't have any quota limits imposed on it that's available for Canadian and Mexican nationals under the North American Free Trade Agreement. The visa requires an authentic set of professional credentials, proof of a college education and a sponsored position with a U.S. employer -- in terms of the jobs that qualify, the TN1 is similar to the H1B visa. The process is expedited for Canadian nationals, but it's slightly more difficult for Mexican nationals, who undergo extended wait times and other restrictions. Go to AmericaVisaJobs' TN1 Visa Page for more information about this type of visa, or search for TN1 Jobs.

Review of the E3 Visa (Australian Nationals)
The E3 visa is essentially an H1B visa that's available exclusively for Australian nationals, and 10,000 visas are set aside annually for this purpose. It was established under the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA), and both the requirements and qualifying jobs are virtually identical to the H1B. Check out AmericaVisaJobs' E3 Visa Page for more information about this type of visa, or search for E3 Jobs

Review of the OPT/CPT Visa (Practical Training)
The OPT and CPT visas are both visas that allow for practical training in the Untied States. The CPT is essentially an intern visa that allows a student to work in the U.S. before graduating, while the CPT allows students to extend their employment temporarily beyond their degree's completion. This type of visa is often used for training physicians and other professional-level occupations that require extensive training and residencies. Visit AmericaVisaJobs OPT/CPT Visa Page for more information about this type of visa, or search for OPT Jobs and CPT Jobs.

Review of the L1 Visa (Intra-Company Transfer)
The L1 Visa allows for companies to move their workers into the United States from a foreign office or vice versa. It's considered a dual-intent visa that also allows the holder to apply for a Green Card without abandoning their visa, and many holders will sometimes switch to H1B visas as well depending on their circumstances. Go to AmericaVisaJobs' L1 Visa Page for more information about this type of visa. 

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