H1Base Review: TN1 Visa Jobs 2013 (NAFTA Work Permit)

tn1 work visaThe TN1 Visa is designed for skilled workers from Canada and Mexico to find employment in the United States under the NAFTA "TN" (alternatively called "Trade NAFTA" or "Treaty National") program. In many ways, it's similar to the H1B Visa in that it allows skilled foreign nationals to obtain employment with a U.S. employer, and enter the country to live and work for a set period of time.

Considerable differences still exist between the H1B and the TN1, though, and some of them offer significant advantages to Canadian and Mexican permanent residents . For one thing, this visa doesn't have a maximum period of stay, nor is there a cap on the number of Mexican or Canadian workers who can be admitted during the fiscal year. The visa also has some provisions that can allow holders to bypass service center filing and LCA requirements (Note: Canadians have a few more advantages in both of these regards). Certain tn1 visa taxes and a tn1 visa border interview are still both applicable, though.

The professions that qualify for the TN1 visa (see below) can also be different, because they are more specifically and narrowly defined than those of the H1B visa, which specifies that a job fall into a "specialty occupation." Thus, it's possible that, even if a certain job qualifies for the H1B visa, it might not necessarily qualify for the TN1 (and perhaps vice versa). As a result, U.S. immigration officials will take differing approaches when determining "professional status" for the two categories.

Also, unlike the H1B visa, the TN1 isn't a dual-intent visa. Applicants are required to establish and prove to an INS inspector that they don't intend to permanently immigrate to the U.S. while on this visa -- things like property ownership, a job to which they'll return, a well-written employment letter (one that explicitly states your time of stay), or a future offer of employment all tend to be acceptable forms of proof. Marriage to a U.S. citizen, on the other hand, can undermine one's argument that they don't intend to permanently stay in the country. So it's important to be informed and well-prepared with this type of visa.

Review of Qualifications for the TN1 Work Visa 2013

To get a TN1 visa, certain requirements must be met in addition to meeting standard U.S. immigration regulations. You'll need to:

Have an Employment Offer in a NAFTA Approved Profession: First and foremost, the TN1 is a work visa, which means you can't get one without first having a job offer on the table. The offer must also be for a job category specified by NAFTA's Appendix 1603.D.1 (see list below). The trick in overcoming Job Title Specification Limits lies in two parts: (1) determining which job title on the NAFTA schedule of occupations corresponds with your own, because your actual job title might not be an exact fit; and (2) Ensuring that your TN Visa Employment Letter explicitly states that you'll be working in one of the Schedule's NAFTA Occupation areas. Ideally, the letter should also be short, sweet and to the point. And in now way should it even contain the slightest implication that you plan to reside in the country on a permanent basis.

Prove Intent to Return to Your Home Country: Simply put -- if you're seeking to become a permanent resident of the United States, then the TN1 visa probably isn't for you. This is because TN1 applicants are required to establish what is known as "non-immigrant intent" in order to successfully obtain a tn1 visa. Immediate disqualifications can include being married to a U.S. citizen or disclosing to an INS Inspector that your job is a full-time, long-term position. Rather, TN1 applicants have to satisfactorily convince inspectors that the period of U.S. employment is temporary, and that they play to return to their country of origin once the job is done. That being said, some companies have been known to bring workers into the U.S. on Tn1 visas, and then later get those employees transferred to an H1B visa, which allows holders to apply for permanent residency if they so choose.

Submit All the Requisite Documentation: Aside from the two previous qualifications, you'll also need to have complete and proper documentation. This includes the Online Non-Immigrant Visa Electronic Application (Form DS-160), a valid passport, a 2x2 photograph and a Letter of Employment in the U.S. that lists: (1) the nature of your work and purpose of entry, (2) anticipated length of stay in the U.S., (3) Educational qualifications and credentials/licensure (if applicable, but not necessary), (4) evidence of DHS regulation compliance, (5) pay arrangements and (6) letters from former employers or business records (for formerly self-employed individuals). Remember: there are no guarantees that you'll be admitted, because the final decision rests with Immigration Officials at your Port of Entry.

H1Base Reviews the TN1 Visa Job List of Approved Professions

Currently 63 professions qualify for the Tn1 visa, as specified by Appendix 1603.D.1 of NAFTA. Only the jobs listed in this appendix are eligible for the TN visa. These include Accountant, Architect, Computer Systems Analyst, Disaster Relief Insurance Claims Adjuster, Economist, Engineer, Forester, Graphic Designer, Hotel Manager, Industrial Designer, Interior Designer, Land Surveyor, Landscape Architect, Lawyer, Librarian, M.L.S/B.L.S., Management Consultant, Mathematician/Statistician, Range Manager/Range Conservationist, Research Assistant, Scientific Technician/Technologist, Social Worker, Sylviculturist, Teacher (College or University), Teacher (Seminary), Technical Publications Writer, Urban Planner, Vocational Counselor, Medical/Allied Professional, Dentist, Dietitian, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Nutritionist, Occupational Therapist, Pharmacist, Physician, M.D., Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist, Psychologist, Recreational Therapist, Registered Nurse, Veterinarian, Agriculturalist, Animal Breeder, Animal Scientist, Apiculturist, Astronomer, Biochemist, Biologist, Chemist, Dairy Scientist, Entomologist, Epidemiologist, Geneticist, Geologist, Geophysicist, Horticulturist, Meteorologist, Pharmacologist, Physicist/Oceanographer, Plant Breeder, Poultry Scientist, Soil Scientist, and Zoologist. See TN1 Jobs and NAFTA Sponsors for more information about educational requirements for these positions.

How to Find a TN1 2013 Visa Job

When trying to find a TN1 visa job, nothing could be more fundamentally important than knowing EXACTLY which  U.S. companies hire foreign nationals and have a proven track record of sponsoring these visas. In using more generalized U.S. job search sites, it's virtually impossible to determine whether the hiring company is open to employing foreign nationals, or if they have any experience as a TN1 visa sponsor. Subsequently, you'll pretty much be in the dark about if the position in question is even eligible for an Tn1 visa, or if the hiring company will sponsor a tn1 visa.

To be perfectly honest, the majority of tn1 jobs just aren't posted on general job sites anyway; the lion's share of tn1-sponsoring employers simply won't waste their time advertising these positions in those venues. Rather, TN1-sponsoring employers tend to depend upon the "hidden," which means job seekers are best advised  to submit applications directly to hiring personnel via the company's own Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is usually found on their websites. As a result, it's critical to have the latest data about which companies to target, as is employing the most effective application strategies. Luckily for you, providing this data and helping you to develop these strategies are H1Base's specialty.

So are you searching for visa employment with industry-leading companies that sponsors Tn1 visas? Take a look at H1Base's Professional TN1 Sponsorship Solutions -- including the TN1 Announce Premium and TN1 ProElite packages -- to see how we can help increase and maximize your TN1 job search. And for any questions you may have, visit the TN1 Visa Questions Page on AmericaVisaJobs.com. Begin looking for TN1 visa jobs today -- START HERE

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