H1Base Reviews: How To Get a 2013 (FY2014) H1B Visa

How to get an H1B Visa 2013In April 2013, the US Government will begin issuing 85,000 H1B visas to engineers, software developers, IT professionals, healthcare workers, financial analysts, marketers, and other skilled professionals who've found positions with visa-sponsoring companies. But with only 85,000 available slots (20,000 of which are reserved for people with the American equivalent of a Master's Degree), getting an H1B visa clearly isn't an easy task.

So what methods and techniques can be used to ensure you're maximizing your chances of getting a 2013 (FY2014) H1B Visa? Read this H1Base review to find out the best strategies you can use in your H1B visa job hunt.

Review of When to Begin Your 2013 (FY2014) H1B Job Search

Of course, you want to begin by determining whether you actually qualify for an H1B visa, and then working to prepare an American-style Resume. But the real trick in getting an H1B visa sponsorship job lies in starting your visa job search early, in order to give yourself the most time possible to find a position. Although the filing period for the 2013 H1B visa (FY2014) begins in April, you'll be drastically limiting your options if you wait to begin searching for a job then -- and you're still limiting yourself even if you wait to begin searching a few weeks or months prior to the filing period.

Rather, for the best results, you'll want to begin your job search right away. In fact, many other H1B visa hopefuls have already begun searching for H1B visa positions in expectation of getting an edge on other H1B job searchers like you, so it only makes sense to start your job hunt early as well. And while there might not be a huge number of employers actively searching for H1B candidates early in the year, you can rest assured that more and more will be looking for skilled candidates as April approaches. So as an increasing number of companies enter the job market, job searchers who are already engaged in submitting resumes and contacting hiring managers will increase their chances of being considered first by H1B visa sponsoring companies.

H1Base Reviews Getting Sponsorship for the 2013 (FY2014) Cap

As you submit your resume, it's helpful to remember that companies don't all just collectively hire workers at the same time. For instance, they don't all just call each other and say , "hey, let's all agree to only hire H1B candidates in March or April, and that will be the only time we hire H1B workers." That's simply not how it works. Instead, the successful searchers will realize the job market is a continually evolving process -- more and more companies will enter the hiring pool and add H1B-eligible positions as April approaches.

Subsequently, the H1B Visa job market is different every single month, and it can actually vary from week to week. Nothing is fixed and nothing is static, so it's imperative to stay on top of your job hunt. In this respect, timing your application is crucial -- his means that you should actively be submitting your resume to multiple U.S. companies that offer jobs in your field, at least three to five a week. And keep track of when you submit these applications; you should either be following up with emails and phone calls or even re-submitting your resume if you don't get a response within six or seven weeks. Just remember that you want these correspondences to make you appear ambitious and persistent, not desperate. Always be sure to watch your tone and demeanor when following up.

In addition to timing your application, you should also be targeting it to the correct destination. If you aren't applying to companies that already have a history of filing for H1B visas, then you're probably wasting your time. Most U.S. companies that have never filed for a visa simply are not likely to make an exception just to hire you, and even if they do, there's still no way to guarantee they will be successful -- the H1B visa process is complicated, so it's easy to make a mistake and get an application rejected. Your best bet, then, will be sticking to companies that have filed for visas in the past. Do a little homework and study which companies in your field have successfully filed for visas , and you'll exponentially increase your chances of getting one. You'll also want to keep track of when the filing period starts and when the 2013 cap is reached, do you can adjust your strategy.

H1Base Reviews What to Do if the H1B Visa Cap is Reached

Some options still exist for you if the 2013 H1B Visa Cap is reached before you get hired for a visa sponsorship position. One good strategy involves temporarily switching your job search to target public universities and non-profit organizations, both of which enjoy cap-exempt status for hiring workers on H1B visas. Although your chances of being hired by one of these organizations are lower than they are with private sector companies, this tactic will help to increase your chances of finding an H1B-eligible position until companies being hiring again for the 2014 (FY2015) H1B Visa Cap.

Another tried-and-tested tactic involves re-targeting your search for jobs with the same companies in Canada, which has different laws and regulations regarding how it awards non-immigrant work visas and different requirements for foreign nationals entering the country. If you do manage to find a position in Canada with one of these companies, then you increase the likelihood of being able to enter the United States via an L1 intra-company transfer visa. If you're interested in going this route, the H1Base affiliate company CanadaVisaJobs.com can very likely help you find a Canadian Work Visa.

Review of What it REALLY Takes to Get a 2013 H1B Visa

Getting an H1B Visa really comes down to you. Specifically, how much time and effort are you willing to invest? Even though a professional services company like H1Base can help you (and in fact, greatly increase your chances), nobody can guarantee you a visa sponsorship job. Only persistence, planning and careful self-promotion can give you the edge. You'll need to focus your time in the right areas and target visa-sponsoring companies (instead of just targeting any and every job posting) to see better results. Follow these simple steps, and you'll be maximizing your opportunities for beating the 2013 H1B visa cap. And if you don't make this one, don't get discouraged. As you've already read, there are many alternatives -- not to mention, the experience you've had from this year's job search will almost certainly give you a head-start for the 2014 H1B Visa Cap as well.

Are you trying to find visa sponsorship employment to get an H1B visa issued for 2013? Visit H1Base's Professional H1B Visa Sponsorship Employment Solutions to see how we can help maximize your job search. 


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