H1Base Reviews: H1B Visa 2013 (FY2014) Cap

The next quota allocation of 85,000 H1B visas is almost here. For those that want a visa to work in the USA in 2013 this is the time to start proactively finding suitable jobs that qualify for the H1B visa sponsorship program, with the employers that file H1B work visa petitions for Foreign nationals. As per this year the 85,000 never lasts very long; sometimes only days or weeks from when the application period opens in just over 4 months. Planning ahead and obtaining an early visa sponsorship job offer is the most reliable and safest way to get an H1B visa successfully filed and issued before the next 85,000 allocation runs out. Here's an H1Base review for how quickly the 2012 (FY2013) H1B Visa cap was filled and some projections of how quickly in 2013 (FY2014) H1B cap is likely to be filled.

H1Base Reviews the 2012 H1B Cap (FY2013)

This year, the H1B visa cap was filled in a little more than 10 'weeks' from the date US employers could file visas. This was a significant change to the previous three years from 2009 to 2011. In 2009 (FY2010), the cap wasn't reached until December 21 of that year; for 2010 (FY 2011) the cap stayed open until January 26 the following year; and for 2011 (FY2012), the cap wasn't filled until November that year.

So why, then, did the 2012 (FY2013) cap fill so quickly? The simple answer is that the demand is back, the U.S. economy is steadily recovering, and employers are once again hiring the best and brightest skilled workers that they can find from the global talent pool. Regarding 2009 (FY2010) to 2011 (FY2012) -- these numbers coincided with the depths of the American recession, when GDP was plummeting and companies were laying off workers. Look at H1B numbers that immediately preceded the American financial crisis, the ones from 2007 (FY2008) and 2008 (FY2009), and you can see that the cap was being reached within a matter of days -- it was filled in a mere 2 days in 2007 (FY2008) and within less than a week in 2008 (FY2009).

During this years filing period, the H1B visa cap was filled more quickly than it had been filled in almost half a decade. And it's important to note that this was before the economic news of October and November, which showed a steady increase in GDP, a marked increase in hiring projects, and an unemployment rate that dipped below 8%.

Assuming that these numbers hold steady, the most likely conclusion is that the 2013 H1B Visa (FY2014) cap will be reached as quickly -- if not even more quickly -- than the 2012 (FY2013) cap. While it's unlikely that we'll see an immediate return to the 2007/2008 days, when the cap was filled within a matter of days, it's extremely possible that we'll again see the 85,000 H1B cap filled within a very short time frame.

Get a Head-Start on the Next H1B Visa Cap for 2013

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