H1Base Reviews: The 2014 Green Card Lottery


For the 2014 Green Card Lottery, time is counting down. the November 3rd (noon EST) deadline is rapidly approaching for applicants. This H1Base Review explores why entrants should be on the lookout for fraudsters, and why experts recommend that those who do enter shouldn't cease searching for visa sponsorship work.

How the Green Card Lottery Works

The diversity visa lottery program is designed to help increase the numbers of historically underrepresented immigrants in the country. Unfortunately, this means that foreign nationals emigrating from countries with high immigration numbers aren't lottery eligible . Ineligible nations for the current 2014 lottery will include Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland born), Columbia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and Vietnam. For the 2014 lottery, Guatemalan natives to enter the lottery for the first time.

The diversity visa lottery, though, is a complete gamble. For last year's 2013 DV Lottery, approximately 8 million people signed up, and experts believe that more foreign nationals will be competing for this lottery. And not even one percent of those entrants -- a paltry 55,000 applicants, in fact -- is chosen randomly via computer to receive the visa. Thus, the chances are fairly low for those hoping to win a card via this method. Other avenues exist for getting a green card, though; not the least of which involves finding a position with a visa sponsorship employer. For more information, visit H1Base's affiliate site GreenCardBase and get access to a suite of services that can help you to get your own Green Card.

H1Base Review of Scams and Frauds

You should also be aware that the Internet is filled with green card scam sites that prey on users hoping to get free green cards. The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that visa hopefuls should protect themselves by learning exactly how the visa lottery works. Perhaps most importantly, visa applicants should be aware that it's free to register for the lottery, and that the lottery can be entered electronically at www.dvlottery.state.gov.

On the other hand, having an application filled with errors Is a surefire way to get removed from the lottery. While no company or lawyer can actually increase your chances or guarantee that you'll win the lottery, the legitimate ones can help you to submit an error-free application. It's also important that applicants only send in one application, because anyone who submits multiple applications will be disqualified.

Reasons to Continue the H1B Visa Job Search

While it's a nice dream (and it certainly offers a real chance for a free green card, however small), with Millions of applications submitted every year and only 55,000 Green cards available in the lottery - the biggest downside of the diversity visa lottery is that it's completely random. And random means that there's no way to plan or control the process; it's just left completely up to chance.

Most experts tend to agree that serious visa hopefuls should continue searching for work with visa sponsoring employers to ensure that no stone is left unturned, and that everything is being done so applicants can get the best opportunities. So even if you have already entered the lottery, you can still be searching for H1b visa sponsorship (assuming you qualify for an H1B Visa) in the meantime -- and you can maximize that process by using our suite of H1B Visa Sponsorship Employment Solutions. If you don't qualify, check out the many different U.S. work visas listed on AmericaVisaJobs.com and start your search for American work visa sponsorship jobs in the United States today!

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