H1Base Reviews: H1B Visa Jobs 2013 (FY2014)

Skilled H1B Visa Workers
Many hopeful professional workers and soon-to-be graduates around the world are starting their H1B job and visa sponsorship searches, in preparation for next H1B visa allocation. In fact, the countdown is already underway, and it will continue until the next filing period opens in April 2013. At that time, 85,000 new H1B visas will become available for filing and the U.S. government will begin allocating them to US employers that have recruited new H1B workers on a first-apply, first-serve basis.

Before then, though, your H1B job search / H1B sponsoring company search has to take place. But who will get one of these life-changing H1B visas? Visas are issued on a first-come basis, and they will go to the first 85,000 qualified applicants who obtain H1B sponsorship employment offers from U.S. employers. The rest, unfortunately, will have to wait for the opportunity the following year. This clearly underscores the importance of beginning your H1B visa job search early.

Review of Qualifications for the H1B Visa 2013 (FY2014)

In addition to your own H1B Visa qualifications, for an H1B Visa Labor Condition Application (LCA) to be successfully filed, three criteria must be met:

The JOB has to qualify: According to the USCIS, the job has to require both the "theoretical and practical application of specialized knowledge" to be a qualifying position. Basically, the job has to require the American equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree or has to have extremely skilled technical or complex demands. In short, jobs advertised that do NOT state they require a degree almost certainly will NOT get H1B visas approved and issued.

The SALARY has to qualify: By U.S. law, the salary paid to an H1B worker has to be the "prevailing wage" for that occupational category. This means that employers cannot hire H1B applicants at a lower wage than the salary that's commonly paid for a given job. In fact, if there is a discrepancy between the "actual" wage (the wage commonly paid by the company in question) and the "prevailing wage" (which is determined by the state), then the company must pay the higher of the two.

The EMPLOYER has to qualify: The hiring employer also has to satisfy a number of US corporation and immigrant-employment requirements and laws. Not only must it be willing to provide H1B sponsored-employment and pay the H1B visa filing costs, along with the correct wage; but it has to (1) provide a statement that employment of a foreign national won't adversely affect the working conditions of similarly employed workers (it can't, for example, increase working hours or decrease vacation periods); (2) must report all strikes, lockouts and work stoppages that may develop after the LCA is filed; (3) must provide public notice of the LCA to employees for at least 10 business days, and in two different locations; and (4) maintain a public access file.

H1Base Reviews Occupations & Jobs that Qualify for H1B Visas

As we said previously, an H1B-eligible job has to require both "theoretical" and "practical" uses of skills and specialized knowledge. While at first this criteria might seem subjective, H1B regulations actually are fairly clear in what jobs qualify for the visa. And these rules are designed to ensure that only skilled workers and/or degree educated workers can receive the H1B visa.

The jobs that qualify for H1B visas include occupations in software/applications development; architecture, engineering and surveying; mathematics; physical sciences; computer science; information technology or IT; telecom; medicine and healthcare; education and research; writing and linguistics; finance and administrative specializations; business management; positions in fields such as economics, political science, history, sociology and anthropology; librarians and archivists; lawyers and judges; religion and theology; illustrators, graphic designers and other art-related occupations; music, entertainment and recreation; social and welfare work; Fashion models of "distinguished" accomplishment; and more. For more information, see this full list of qualifying H1B professions and occupations.

How to Find an H1B 2013 Visa Job

One thing to remember when searching for an H1B visa job -- it pays to know WHICH companies hire for H1B visas. If you're using general US job search sites, it can be very hard to tell whether the job poster is willing to hire a foreign national, or if they have any experience with filing an LCA. As a result, you almost never know if the job in question is available for an H1B visa, or company posting the job will file for an H1B visa.

In all truth, most H1B jobs are never found on general job sites; the majority of H1B-sponsoring employers don't advertise them there. Instead, they rely on the "hidden" job market and require job seekers to file applications directly to the appropriate hiring personnel and/or through their own Applicant Tracking System (ATS) on their websites. Subsequently, knowing which companies to target is crucial, and so is utilizing the most effective application method(s). And that's just a couple of areas where H1Base can help.

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