New Bill to Increase H1B visa fees

Important Update and Clarification
Tuesday 10th August, 2010

The new legislation does NOT affect 99.9% of US Companies.

As BusinessWorld Reports - it is "much a do about nothing"
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WASHINGTON — The US House of Representatives on Tuesday passed legislation to toughen US-Mexico border security by introducing a raise in certain work visa fees to help pay for the new border security measures.

Their has been a lot of media hype, controversy and confusion relating to this new Bill.

To Clarify:
- the Bill introduces an additional $2,000 H1B filing fee - BUT it only applies to a tiny fraction of companies that sponsor H1B visas (mainly Indian Agencies and Consulting firms)

- the Bill has no affect or implications on a vast majority of US companies that do or want to file H1B visas

The ONLY companies that this new legislation and fee increase affects is:

1) companies that have over 50 employees AND where over 50% of their employees are on H1B or L1 visas

* even the very few companies that do fall into this category can still sponsor and file for H1B visas, but will be subject to pay an additional $2,000 filing fee

99.9% of US Companies are NOT affected:
Companies with LESS than 50% of their total workforce on H1B or L1 visas are NOT affected and are NOT subject to this new legislation and do NOT have to pay any additional filing fees

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