How to Track the Status of a Filed H1B Visa Application 

The H1B Visa Status Tracking System is for H1B applicants or H1B employers who have already completed and filed their H1B visa petition with the US Immigration Bureau. 
Use the online system for quickly checking and tracking the status of a filed H1B application ~ which can be used for checking the case status of 'any' pending immigrant and non-immigrant visa applications, that are being adjudicated at any of the H1B application Service Centers


* the system will show you the latest and most updated H1B status. 

You can get visa status information by calling the appropriate USCIS service center listed below.

Either way, to check the status of an H1B visa application you will need your 13 digit receipt number.

What is a receipt number?
For each H1B visa application, the USCIS assigns a unique 13 digit alphanumeric number. There are 4 USCIS service centers to handle H1B applications. The first 3 character of your receipt signifies the particular service center, where the application is being processed. They can be any one of WAC, EAC, SRC, and LIN.
For example, an application submitted to California state will have a receipt number starting with WAC.


Following are the USCIS service center telephone numbers to find out your H1B visa status. Call the appropriate number and keep your receipt number ready in order to use this service.

USCIS Service Centers Contact Telephone Numbers

SRC Texas Service Center 214-381-1423

EAC Vermont Service Center 802-527-4913

LIN Nebraska Service Center 402-323-7830

WAC California Service Center 949-831-8427


** Use touch-tone phone for using this service.


There is no human intervention in this service. All you get is an electronically recorded message, stating your date of application filing and the approximate time frame for the approval (visa status for the H1B visa petition).

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