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Premium Search and Professional Assistance designed for Australian Citizens to obtain E3 and/or H1B Jobs and Visa Sponsorship, to live and work in the USA

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USA Resume
Preparation and Presentation
Simply import your current resume (CV) into your H1 Base account, or quickly and easily build a powerful new resume using our award winning system, tips and advice.
Step-by-step high impact resume maker, thousands of job and industry specific recommended samples, phrases and key words that can be added with 1 click. Resumes examples and cover letters from certified professionals.

Proactive and Targeted - Professional Resume Submissions:
Speeds up the process and gets you considered by the top E3 and H1B sponsor companies

Includes submissions to US sponsoring companies that register with H1 Base to hire our Premium service customers

Sit back and relax. Let us do the work for you

• Priority resume submissions to H1 Base Top E3 and H1B Employer / Sponsors.
• Targeted submissions to employers that sponsor E3's and H1B's for your profession.
• Personalized submissions directly to the Hiring Managers for consideration for All jobs in your profession.
• Employers see your resume 1st, before jobs are advertised and your competition increases
• Employers consider you for all jobs: current H1B jobs and their planned E3 and H1B jobs
• Submissions to employers in your preferred US locations (US City/States)
• Submissions to new employers and new hiring managers that register with H1 Base.

* matching, applications and submissions are based on your personal preferences, skills and experience.

Continued Resume Disribution and Submission
H1 Base continues to find new E3 and H1B sponsor companies and apply to them on your behalf 

We continually have new US sponsoring companies register with H1 Base to hire our customers

We continue to re-submit your resume until you secure a job and visa sponsorship position

Submission Reports
You get a full submission reports listing hundreds / thousands of companies we send your resume to.

E3 and H1B Job Hunter - the instant job finder system

Advanced system that continually searches 24x7 to find new E3 and H1B jobs for you, first.

Simply enter your job search preferences and the Job Hunter system does all the rest of the work for you  

Continually searches for new jobs 24x7 - so you don't have to spend your time searching

Searches H1 Base job listings + thousands of the Top US Job sites (including Monster, CareerBuilder, Hot Jobs etc)  + over 50,000 US employers direct websites

You get ALL the new job and sponsorship positions, from thousands of job sites, first - without ever having to manually search by yourself.

Conveniently Save, Track and Manage Job Applications
Simply choose all the best jobs that you want, and conveniently track and manage them all in one efficient Job Application Management Center.

H1 Base Top 500 E3 and H1B Employers and Sponsors
Premium Online Database of the top Visa Employer & Sponsor Companies in the USA.

Includes companies that register directly with H1 Base. New sponsor companies register reguarly with H1 Base - there are always new job opportunities.

Full Contact Details:
- company, location, names, emails, tel#'s and Job page links
» apply directly to the Best Jobs with the Top Sponsors.
» access your account 24 x 7
» use from anywhere in the world

Advanced Feature: filter technology that provides fast & convenient searches for Company, City and State. 

Quickly and easily find Jobs with the Top US Employers who SPONSOR THE MOST Visas for Foreign Nationals.

Choice of 1 main occupation group which includes the Top 500 Top employers for your Profession.
IT/Computing (includes soft/hardware Engineers)
Engineering (all types)

These are the U.S. companies are receptive to and have, do sponsor and apply for visas

Official H1B Employer and Sponsor Database
The Official US Governments database records of H1B Sponsoring Companies in the USA

Thousands of official records, and contact details, and full details of the jobs and positions that they sponsored H1B visas for.

Service includes full access to H1B employer / job records for 1 main occupation group in your preferred 5 US States.
Lists Job titles and actual salaries paid
Lists full company mailing/contact address
Business and jobs search locator to quickly and easily research and apply to companies and jobs
Apply directly to end companies and employers – or apply to consulting companies
All the H1B sponsoring Companies and full details of all the jobs they sponsored for - in 1 place

Resume Posting on the largest E3 and H1B eJob Fair
Premium listing on H1 Base search and job fair system used by thousands of potential E3 and H1B employers to recruit and hire International workers.

Your new professional US style and formatted H1 Base resume gets seen by thousands of potential sponsor companies looking for our top International talent. Employers can connect and communicate with you directly to discuss their current jobs and arrange interviews.

Salary Negotiation and Personal Salary Report
Professional guides, tips and advice to negotiate the highest salary and benefits package

Plus a Personalized Salary Report (based on your job level, location preferences).

Quickly and easily identify what salary you can earn, and the best jobs, locations with the highest salaries. 
Easily negotiate the highest salary and best benefits package.


Interview Practice and Preparation
Turn Your Job Interviews into Sponsorship Job Offers

Advanced Technology Online virtual interview preparation and practice system for USA interviews. Used by thousands of International workers from over 130 Countries around the world.

Includes hundreds of Virtual Interview questions, answers and online guides and videos.
Covers topics on handling all types of situations before, during and after interviews.
You need to win and succeed at interviewing to get USA job offers.

Premium Level Support and Guidance
FREE Unlimited Support, Advice & Guidance from our Team of Experts - every step of the way.
All H1 Base counselors have at least 15 years industry experience to help you

1) You can choose any number of locations/States in the USA for us to target and find you a job.

2) You can choose from the occupations listed above for us to target - you must qualify for an E3 or H1B visa in your selected occupation.

3) You get - Free - Unlimited - Support & Advice from our Team of Experts - every step of the way !!
Our advisors typically have at least 15 years industry and International recruitment experience.

4) The length of time it takes varies depending on each customers experience and requirements (your skills/chosen locations/salary/industry etc.) 

5) Most companies will typically interview you first by telephone - this may include multiple telephone interviews. Occasionally, some may then fly you to the USA for a face to face interview.

6) You can use this service from anywhere in the World.

7) H1 Base does Not charge any employers / sponsors recruitment, consulting or placement fees. This saves them thousands of $dollars which encourages them and makes them much more likely to hire and employ customers through H1 Base services compared to costly traditional methods.

8) H1 Base services are so successful because we specialize and focus in providing the highest quality services and solutions to help International Workers & International Students find visa jobs & sponsorship. With many years of experience and knowledge, we have Everything you need to help and support you to achieve your goal of obtaining a visa to work in the USA Results. Fast


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