The Top 20 things to know about the H1B Visa Program

1) Every year there are 3 different quotas / ways to obtain an H1B visa:

Regular Quota = 65,000 for anyone, anywhere in the world
ADE Quota = 20,000 for Intl students that graduate in the USA with an MBA (or higher)
Cap-Exempt = unlimited in number Transfers = unlimited in number

2) Foreign individuals can not file their own H1B visa applications.

3) Only US sponsoring companies can file H1B visa applications. 

4) The process to get an H1B visa:
~ obtain a sponsorship job offer from a US employer (known as your sponsor company)
~ US sponsor company prepares and files visa application with the US Immigration Bureau
~ US Immigration Bureau issues visa, you can start work in the USA 

4) H1B Visa Program Qualification:
a. requires either work experience (12 years or higher), or
b.  by higher education (Bachelor Degree or higher), or 
c. a mix of higher education + work experience

5) The annual H1B Recruitment and Filing cycles (periods):
a. H1B Recruitment and Hiring takes place all year round
b. H1B Filing Period - from April 1st onwards - continues until the quota has been filled

6) H1B employers and sponsor companies change and vary each year. Many consistently sponsor every year.

7) When filing opens it lasts until the quota has been filled. There is no official filing "deadline", and the quota has only ever been filled in April, twice.

8) As the primary US work visa, there is competition between Foreign nationals to obtain H1B's.

9) Not all US companies sponsor H1B visas, and, not all US jobs are available for sponsorship.

10) Everyone who qualifies has an equal opportunity, there is demand for all H1B professions 

11) H1B visas can be transferred to new H1B sponsor companies at any time

12) H1B visas can be filed and approved in 15 days using Premium processing

13) H1B visas are valid for up to 6 years duration

14) H1B's are 'dual' intent visas - you can get a Green Card (permanent residency)

15) The demand for top global talent is high - Immigrants have founded / co-founded some of the largest and most successful US companies (including Google, Intel, Sun, eBay and Yahoo)

16) Immigrants have founded more than 50% of all high-tech companies in Silicon Valley (and thousands more around the Country).

17) Immigrant-founded companies generate hundreds of thousands of jobs in the USA and employ hundreds of thousands of American workers every year.

18) Immigrants contributed to more than a quarter of US global patent applications.

19) Immigrants generate Billions of dollars in revenue for the USA every single year.

20) Based on the facts, statistics and trends there are thousands of both US founded, and especially H1B founded companies, that warmly welcome, want and need more Foreign national workers.

If you qualify for an H1B visa - it provides one of the best opportunities to emigrate and start a great new life in America