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Fast-Target Apply PRO - 3 months


A quicker, easier and more effective way to obtain visa sponsorship jobs 

Our specialists professionally apply to our network of H1B Employers for You

Available for H1B Sponsorship in the following fields:-

IT, Computing, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Engineering (all types), Teaching, HealthCare/Medical, Networking, Telecoms, Business, Management 

This premium service has helped thousands of customers from all around the world. H1 Base services are proven and trusted to be the most effective, successful and reliable available in the industry for over 14 years. 

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STAGE 1 - Pre-Submission Service includes: 
• US Resume Preparation and Formatting System and Resources
• simply upload, or copy and paste your CV/Resume into your account
• utilize expert guides, tips and strategies to optimize your resume    
• easily improve your resume presentation, formatting and content
• one click complete USA spelling and grammar check and correction
• Your new resume is stored in your account - you can easily update / edit it at any time

STAGE 2 - Application and Submission Service includes
• Resume submission to our H1B Employer/Sponsor database network.
• Targeted submission to the Top H1B employers that sponsor H1B's in your profession / occupation.
• Personalized submission directly to the H1B companies for consideration for jobs in your profession.
• Employers can see your resume 1st, before jobs are advertised and your competition increases
• Employers can consider you for all jobs: hidden H1B job market plus the advertised job market
• Submission to H1B employers in your preferred US locations (US City/States)
• Submission to new H1B employers and new H1B hiring managers.

* YOU GET A RESUME SUBMISSION REPORT * - A FULL REPORT LISTING ALL THE COMPANIES YOUR RESUME HAS BEEN SENT TO. You get both a hard copy record and an online report stored in your account.

* H1 Base will continue to provide services and continue to submit your resume to H1B employers and apply to sponsor companies on your behalf to promote and market you for visa sponsorship. 

STAGE 3 - Post-Submission Service includes:
• USA Interview - professional guides and advice.
• USA Salary & Benefits - professional guides and advice.
• H1B employment contract negotiation Q&A session.
• H1B visa application filing Q&A session.
• USA relocation assistance Q&A session. 


1) H1 Base continues to apply to sponsor companies for you for 6 months. H1 Base applies to and markets you to hundreds of H1B employers and sponsor companies for you each month.

2) We do not charge any additional service fees. Any future visa filing processing costs are paid by the company that employs (sponsors) you through our services.

3) You can choose any number of locations/States in the USA for us to target and find you a job.

4) You can choose from the occupations listed above for us to target - you must qualify for an H1B visa in your selected occupation.

5) Includes free help and guidance from our support department.

6) The length of time it takes varies depending on each customers experience and requirements (your skills/chosen locations/salary/industry etc.).

7) US companies typically interview you first by telephone - this may include multiple telephone interviews. Occasionally, some may then fly you to the USA for a face to face interview.

8) This service works wherever you are in the World -- we have helped customers in the USA, and from over 130 Countries around the world.

9) H1 Base does Not charge our network of H1B employers and sponsor companies any additional placement fees. This saves them thousands of $dollars which incentivizes them and makes them want to employ and sponsor customers through H1 Base.

10) H1 Base services are successful because we specialize and focus in providing the highest quality services and solutions to help International Workers & International Students find H1B visa jobs & sponsorship. With many years of experience and knowledge, we have Everything you need to help and support you to achieve your goal of obtaining an H1B visa to work in the USA, quickly and easily..


Special Offer - Checkout Now To Save