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* Ultimate PRO Service

The Ultimate PRO Expert Assistance Solution is the Most Effective, Strategic and Proven Service Available 

Our industry experts do the hard work for you to accelerate and boost your opportunity to the maximum for you, your situation and your goals 

Doubles Your Chances of getting a Job & Visa sponsorship to Live and Work in the USA:
1) Jobs & Visa Sponsorship with the top and best Work Visa employers
2) + Jobs and Visa Sponsorship with the top Green Card employers

We target, match and apply to our top-tier employers on your behalf 
We promote and market you as verified and priority candidate for sponsorship
We follow up, and keep applying to employers until you get a visa sponsorship offer 
We save you months of work. We streamline and accelerate the process for you, plus we increase and maximize your chances to the highest level.

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* SAVE $450.  One time service payment only  
* Services and professional assistance are provided and continue until you get issued your work visa 

You are our PRIORITY
when you become a member of our Complete Professional Assistance service, you get our top priority attention over all our other services for resume review, optimization, formatting and for sending your new resume to our Premium targeted network of visa employers / sponsors that match you level of skills & experience and location preferences.

100% TARGETED for Visa Sponsorship
we send your resume directly to the hiring managers of professionally targeted Visa and Green Card sponsor employer companies.
We apply to companies who have already sponsored, or who have registered with us to sponsor H1B visas or Green Cards. We have over 20,000 US companies who sponsor for the type of work visa(s) you need, and Green Cards. 

The Most EFFECTIVE Strategies that Work Best
We consistently provide the most effective and successful services in the industry by using advanced strategies and methods that generate the fastest and best results; including sending your resume directly to the hiring managers in companies so they can consider you for all their suitable jobs.

PREFERRED by many leading Sponsor Companies
Employers prefer hiring our customers through this service because we only send resumes that meet their criteria, in their preferred format, and because we do not charge them any recruitment or placement fees (saving them thousands of dollars which helps to incentive them to hire you).

Trying to find hiring managers and trying to find work visa sponsor companies, and, having to send your resume to each and every individual company --- we do it all for you, saving months of your time & effort !

Customized plan of action and expert strategies - for You and your situation.

We've helped people from all over the world in every type
of job, level, situation, and preferences you can think of.

Everyone is different.

Our specialists evaluate your
personal skills, situation and preferences to find
the best, fastest and most successful path, for you.

TO QUALIFY for this service you Must work in one of the following:
~ IT, Computing, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Engineering (all types), Teaching, HealthCare/Medical, Networking, Telecoms, Business, Management

STEP 1 -
Your Visa Sponsorship Preferences
in your Premium Plus account, we start the process of gathering details from you including:
~ a copy of your current resume (CV)
~ your preferred occupation/profession
~ your preferred locations where you want to work
~ when you are available to interview and start work etc.

STEP 2 ~
Professional Resume Analysis & Optimization
> Complete professional review, improvement and optimization of your resume.
> Expert optimization for resume style, re-formatting and layout.
> Expert optimization for visual appeal and action-content editing.
> Expert optimization for US employment and visa sponsorship market
* Existing resume is required (four page limit). Larger resumes must be condensed
* Your new resume is conveniently stored in your account, plus you get a hard copy of your new resume

Complete Professional services and personal assistance that
increase and maximize your opportunity to get hired faster.

Services continue until you get hired for a job you want
to obtain your Work Visa to live in the USA.

STEP 3 ~
We Professionally Apply to Premium H1B Employers & Green Card Employers For You
> Priority resume submission to our Premium Work Visa Employers Database.
> Priority resume submission to our Premium Green Card Employers Database.
> Targeted submission to the Top Visa sponsors for your profession.
> Personalized resume submission to the hiring managers for your profession.
> Choose any specific locations that meet your preference, or send to all US States.

You get confirmation reports listing :-
~ all the Employers we send your resume to, and apply to for you
~ plus all the Green Card Employers we send your resume to, and apply to for you.

We continue to apply to top-tier employers / sponsor companies for you until you secure a job and your work visa.

Professional Guidance & Support from Industry Experts
> Job offer Q&A session
> Employment contract negotiation Q&A session.
> Visa application Q&A session.
> Relocation assistance Q&A session.


Every year we help thousands of people obtain work visa sponsorship employment in the USA.

ONE-TO-ONE EXPERT Assistance, advice, coaching and guidance

DOUBLES Your chances of obtaining visa sponsorship in the USA

HELPS YOU get hired for the Best jobs, with the Best Sponsor Companies

SAVES you months of time, effort, and hard work

4x Faster and More Effective and Successful than any other service

CONTINUES until you get successfully hired and obtain your Work visa

GAIN all the benefits and advantages from over 18 years experience and specialization

Special Offer - Checkout Now To Save