For over 15 years H1 Base has been specializing in the H1B visa sponsorship market to help International professionals and students get hired by sponsor companies, and, to help sponsor companies recruit great International workers.

Every year we help thousands of International workers and thousands of H1B sponsor companies.
Every company in our extensive nationwide network, databases and resources sponsors for H1B visas.

If you're looking for a job with a sponsor company to work in the USA, select from the services below:
New, Improved and Optimized Services for 2017 H1B Visa Sponsorship. Happy Holidays & Happy Savings.



  • Target Your Search to H1B Sponsors
  • Get Sponsor Matches Each Day
  • We Show You Sponsors to Apply to
  • Post Your Resume
  • Network and Connect
  • Market Your Skills
  • Join over 70,000 members

H1B BOOST * most popular service

$94.95 One-time fee for 12 months service
(Regular Price $164.95. Save $70)

  • Sit back and relax. We apply to and market you to the hiring managers and recruiters in hundreds of H1B VISA sponsor companies.
  • Application submission report
  • Occupation targeting
  • Personalized submissions
  • Submits direct to hiring personnel
  • Store/update your resume anytime
  • 24x7 account accessibility
  • Use from anywhere in the World


$174.95 One-time fee for 12 months service
(Regular Price $294.95. Save $120)

  • Includes ALL services and resources in the BOOST package, And ALL these Extra benefits and advantages
  • + Personal Resume Review and Improvement Service by one of our Experts
  • + Dual Applications to H1B VISA Sponsors + GREEN CARD Sponsors to Double Your Chances and Get Hired Faster
  • + We Apply and Market You to Premium Sponsor Companies in our Networks
  • + Full access to Sponsor Databases
  • + LinkedIn H1B Networking Strategy
  • 24x7 account accessibility
  • Use from anywhere in the World


$294.95 One-time fee for 12 months service
(Regular Price $494.95. Save $200)

  • Full Service Personalized, Customized and Priority Job Search and Placement
  • Includes ALL services and resources in our BOOST PLUS packages plus a personalized one-to-one service with these Extra benefits
  • + One-to-One Personal Advisor
  • + Advanced Recruitment Strategies
  • + Multi-Channel Application Methods
  • + Interview Preparation Help
  • + U.S. Immigration Best-Practices
  • + Visa Document Preparation Tips
  • + Priority Telephone and Email Support
  • 24x7 account accessibility
  • Use from anywhere in the World

H1 Base provides and performs services for you to help you... save time and effort increase your opportunity accelerate the visa sponsorship recruitment process Utilize best-practice methods and strategies get hired for visa sponsorship jobs in the USA learn the correct H1B visa immigration processes save a lot of hard work trying to do all yourself Are there any additional costs or payments that I need to pay H1 Base ? For ALL of our professional assistance services, we only charge a “one-time” fee. We do not charge ANY additional costs at any time in the future. We charge a fee to perform services to help you. Our SmartSearch membership portal is Free to join and use, but if you upgrade to the Premium member services on that portal the services are subscription based which continue for as long as you want or need, and until you cancel the subscription plan you choose. Do we guarantee that every candidate will secure a Job within a defined or limited period of time? Well, to be honest that would be unrealistic as No Company in the world can or should make that guarantee. We provide our services the same to every customer, but because everyone is different, and there are so many different variable factors involved in each and every job search, success timeframes and durations vary for everyone. Plus, you are the only person who can complete the process, as you are the only person that can do the interviews to secure the job, and employers make the ultimate decisions who they want to sponsor, employ, file a visa for and pay a salary to. HOWEVER, our Service is designed to help get your resume in front of the right hiring manager (of H1B sponsor/employer companies), at the right time, to give you the maximum opportunity of Success – our Service Guarantees to continue until you secure a job & start work in the USA, no matter what obstacles stand in your way How long does it take to get a job? ~ How long it will take you to secure a job depends mainly on the level of your skills & experience & education & locations you personally want to live and work in – and what companies, how many companies, and how quickly their own selection recruitment processes operate to contact and interview you. When you use our Ultimate service, we go many extra steps which help to get you hired as quickly as possible, and on average it takes between 1-3 months from start to finish, but for many of our customers depending on theiw own skills, situation and prefernces it can take a extra months. The amount of interviews that you get depends on how many employers have suitable job openings for you, and want to select you for their interviews – at the time they receive your resume. To ensure there is no lost time, Companies will contact you directly by phone or email (listed in your resume) to arrange convenient interview schedules. Interviews typically take place via telephone, although some Companies may elect to conduct a video conference interview (like Skype). And with monthly continued applications and follow ups that we perform fo you, it means you don't miss out and you get considered for new sponsorship jobs they ahve each month. Add Sections / Tables etc for:


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