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Job Posting  and Candidate Search Services
Post All Your available Jobs (unlimited)
Search thousands of pre-screened and qualified candidates
Get new candidates resumes sent straight to your email

Unlimited Job Postings Unlimited Resume Searches

NO restrictions
NO contracts NO placement fees
1) UNLIMITED SEARCHES to find all the job seekers you need for one or multiple jobs and types of occupations. Includes the highest quality, pre-screened and pre-qualified candidates who are already in the USA and/or from over 130 Countries around the world.

2) UNLIMITED JOB POSTINGS to post one or All the open jobs you have. You can edit, update and delete postings at any time.

3) DIRECT RESUME ALERT - simply select the type of workers you need and as soon as new candidates register, we automatically send their resumes directly to your email - so you get them first.

SAVES Thousands of Dollars in traditional Recruitment / Placement fees - H1 Base does Not charge ANY additional or hidden recruitment or placement fees - you hire ALL the candidates you want - Directly.

Includes H1B, TN1, E3 visa holders, H1B, TN1, E3 visa seekers,  permanent US residents.

Includes available candidates who are already in the USA and from over 130 Countries around the World