Experiences, Success Stories, and Feedback from Customers about our Company and Services

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"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your great team at H1base for being so kind and helpful. That is wonderful not to feel alone in my endeavours. I am thankful having found a wonderful and great personal Counselor with your advice and moral support. Thought to let you know how much I appreciated your efforts"

"I received an offer from employer which contains request for obtaining work visa. I also ask for your help in checking and support in negotiations"

"I just would like to say thank you, thank you for everything, You’ve helped me so much by guiding me, inspiring me and motivating me all the time. I hope for a better tomorrow because of strong support and motivation from most wonderful people like you." 

"H1 Base was really helpful in searching employment opportunities for me. Not only does it provide sufficient options, what makes it so valuable is that it helps me narrow down the locations and types of employers I'm looking for. It is such a useful tool that saved my time in finding a job and customer support is really out there to help. "

"I found a job and your assistance was great. Thank you and regards"

"Delighted to be included thus giving me this opportunity to extend my leap for my my carrier. God bless you as you continue to brighten hopes of thousands across continents. Nothing is as more rewarding as make lives more better through you"

"Thank you for all wonderful service"

"Hi, my name is Kantu. Am very satisfied with how am working with H1Base services. I was very nervous about the whole process but as its turning out well worth it. Every stage i get to there is immediate progress. Am subscribed to the ProELITE Program and everything is done on my behalf so it its convenient and stand higher chances of achieving goal."


" I had a minor problem uploading my resume into my account at first, but the customer service to resolve it and everything else has been great. Thanks! "

"I really like the way the H1 Base is handling action. Thanks a lot for creating the type of opportunities for the out side people to work in USA."

"The reason for my email is that now I am receiving much promising response from different employers and on average I am receiving emails and having telephonic conversation quite frequently each week. Thanks a lot for your references."

" Dear H1 base team, I am very happy that I could find professional company that take care of every single point of my CV and future work. Thank you so much . Best regards"

" It took over a month to get me a job which personally I think was too slow considering I am a very experienced worker. I wish you could have done it quicker. Your services worked but it took too long for me. "

"I signed up with the H1 Base service to get a better chance obtaining a working visa. It is quite a struggle these days to find a job, let alone a job position with an H1B visa offer. Using this service rises my chances to have a job position I have ever wanted. H1B service picks out only the companies I should apply for, without me going throught thousands company websites, and struggle not only timewise but also emotionally. Thank you."

"my personal experience and exposure to place it in the correct manner with the correct audience is all through H1Base. I find a shadow companion during my job hunt duration which makes path easier and more clarified. With H1Base i personally gain a inner level of satisfaction."

" I think it's expensive cost for me in Nigeria where money is small but you provided all the services as promised and you helped me get through. In the end the expense was worth the opportunity you have given me for my new life in USA. God bless you "   

"excellent services for all the people who really looking sincerely about h1b visa and green card through word wide.  H1 Base is absolutely help us to get in our destination."

"I got to know from few of my friends and decided you are the right place to start. I feel like my career is going to take a huge turn through the safe hands and reliable team" 

" Living abroad I was skeptical at first, but now I cannot put into words how grateful I am for your service and everything you did to help me."

" My friend thought you might be a scam, but I decided to give it a try and I'm happy I did.  My thanks for everything you helped me with. "

"It was really helpful and beneficial compared to when I tried to do it by myself. The proactive and targeted methods you use work wonders. I have to praise you."

" a very positive experience with great results. You definitely got my resume to the right people in the right companies at the right time. Thank you. "

"Hello, Christine here. You helped me with the resume preparation process and Thanks! It paid off"

"i found this is a resourceful and fantastic website for h1b jobseekers."

"I have an account with H1Base. Yesterday I received a job offer."

"Good Morning, I would like to share a happy news with you. I have received a job offer"

"I found a job through your website. I am happy I am, Thanks!"

"I am very impressed with your performance 15 minutes back i have registered myself and now your are working on my resume already to get a job as early as possible"

" Overall great service - I was contacted for interviews within the first few week and secured a sponsorship offer"

" Thank all of you for a great job well done, and thanks for all the great tips and advice. "

" I will definately use your service again. It is cost effective and results orientated."

" I just landed the job. Thank you very much for helping me out. "

" The response after submitting my resume was good. In less than a couple of week of signing up with you, i've already great interviews lined up. Wish me luck and thanks for everything. "

"an efficient service that improved my CV and then sent it to about 1,000 companies so I don't have to send it to each one individually. Thanks, you saved me a Lot of time. "

" I lost my last position due to management layoffs. It is not often in this high tech world that a service really delivers what they say they do. The results were outstanding. I have landed a position at a major company with a great benefits package. Your company put me in touch with the people I needed to sell myself to. "

" I am so pleased with your service. I got over 10 interview responses and have already told my friends, other job seekers about the services. What really makes your service different is my resume was one that needed to be read by the right people."

" I must say, the response I have gotten in the last few weeks has been good. I had an interview this morning that didn't go too well but have another one next week that looks more encouraging. "

" I just got my H1B sponsorship offer and I can't even start to explain how emotional and happy I am. Thank you everyone at H1 Base company. Your the best and I can't wait to start my new life in America."

" I spent over two months and 2-3 hours per day searching all the internet job boards. I wish I had just come straight to you guys. "

" Buying your service was one of the best decisions I made. I could not be more pleased with what you did."

" a great bargain at any price I wish I had known about it months ago it would have saved me so much time. "

" I signed up with you two months ago, and today I accepted a position with a company as a result of your service"


" Support Team Members,
Thanks again for everything. I have recommended your services to my colleagues."


" I have had more interview action in 3 weeks with you than I had in months using my own methods. Had a few interviews this week and got a job offers. Paul you've been a great help and support and I am your happy customer."

" you got my resume out to the companies and the best thing is they do sponsor H1Bs for people like me "

" Before I found you I had submitted approximately 200 applications with hardly any response. I tried your service and the next few day I got contacted from a companies listed in your networks."

" Keep up the good work. Your service is great. I referred my friend to one of the jobs that was not right for me and she has an interview tomorrow. "

" Excellent and creative service. Probably the most efficient way to network and get your name out to the H1B employer market. Response time and effectiveness is 100x better than posting resumes on the internet. "

" I am writing this letter to inform you that your service more than lived up to it's claims.
When someone pays for a service and it fulfills it's requirements then the customer feels complete with the transaction. In the instance with your service I would have to say that it has worked way better than any other effort that I have tried in finding employment. I have spent way too much on programs that only resulted in one disappointment after another. I have tried hard mailings, calling companies, newspaper ads and the Internet. Now at wits end I tried your service. I have to admit that your service has already resulted in more positive responses than all those other methods combined. I do feel that I need to say a big ThankYOU. "


" professional and easy to use system for all levels of individuals looking to find H1B visa work in the USA..... Very good site! "

" After an aggressive 7 month job search on my own and receiving no response after submitting my resume and cover letter to countless businesses, my brother told me about your company. Thanks to you I was hired for a position I can't thank you enough. "

" I cannot put into words how grateful I am for you and your service. "

Here are a few more short excerpts we received by customers and members:

" Thanks to you I now fully understand the benefits of applying directly to proven and known H1B sponsor companies"

" I wish I had known about you months ago. your service is great. "

" Thanks again for all your great help"

"Somehow you make everything seem so easy "

" You’ve taken care of everything I needed."

" Based on my 'entry-level status', I never thought it possible to be even considered by these companies. thank you for everything you did "

" What really makes your service different is my resume got to the right companies who were willing to sponsor my visa. "

" I think this is one of my best decisions. I have recommended you to several of my friends"

" I will follow your advice. After reading the final version of the cover letter and resume that you did for me - I would hire myself right away :) "

" I believe your approach of getting my resume directly to the hiring managers of companies is an excellent strategy. "

" I just got a job offer from a company I like and wanted to arrange a time when you can look over the offer and make sure everythings ok"

" probably the most efficient way to network and get your resume out to the H1B employer market."

" I need to say a big THANK YOU. "

" professional and easy to use system for all levels"

" Thanks to you I was hired for a position. I can't thank you enough. "

" I would have taken me about a years worth of research to find all the H1B sponsor companies you have. I spent under 30 minutes on your site. "

" I would never have been able to do this on my own. "

"I would like to thank everyone at H1 Base, especially Samantha. My new sponsor is filing my H1B application next week"

" You practise what you preach. Cheers. "

" I can't thank you enough for putting me on a great career path and a new life in the USA . "

" Thank you very much for all your help. "

" I would like to say that your service is by far the best online. I also want to thank Sean for all the help and guidance"

”You saved a lot of my time and helped make everything for me so manageable. ”

" I just got two offers "

" effective and convenient way of searching for H1B jobs without all the hassles"

" All in all it was a very positive experience. My resume definitely got to the right people."

" I had an interview this morning and another one next week"

" I spent over two months and 2-3 hours per day searching all the internet job boards. I wish I had just come straight to you guys "

" investing in your services was a great decisions. I couldn't be more pleased with the results."

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