If you want to work in the USA  there are many different options of visas / permits available.

The type of work visa that is right for each person depends on different factors.

Some work visas are only available for specific types of professions and jobs, some are only available for specific levels of experience and education,  some are short term entry to the USA and some can lead to Green Cards and Citizenship. 

A job in the USA is required before a work visa can be obtained.
Getting issued a US work visa requires finding a suitable "sponsored-employment" position. The US Company that provides the sponsored-employment position then files for the work visa. 

How to Successfully Get Your USA work visa:  
Step 1)
you must obtain a job with a company who will 'sponsor' you
Step 2) the US employer then files for your work visa application
Step 3) your visa application is approved by the US Immigration Bureau
Step 4) you can start work for your new employer (sponsor company) in the USA.

The primary work visa for skilled and educated workers are the H1B, TN1, E3 visas, and Green Cards.

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The work visa programs are typically for positions in the following types of skilled professions and jobs: Computing & IT, Telecoms, HealthCare, Finance & Accounting, Teaching, Legal, PR, Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Management and Engineering. For a list of H1B visa professions click here .

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