USA Immigration and Naturalization laws and procedures can be complex and continually change.

We've spent many years navigating our way around the USA immigration information maze. We have compiled an easy to follow and concise US Immigration section, in order to assist you find the right information, resources, visa or green card that is best for your situation. We also recommend that you keep up to date with changes in US immigration, via our immigration news sections. Welcome to America.

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Types of USA Visas / Permits:   

Travel and Tourism
B1   - Travel and short term business
B2    - Travel or medical treatment
Visa Waiver   - Travel, tourist, holiday

Treaty Traders and Investors
E1   Treaty Trader, spouse and children
E2   Treaty Investor, spouse and children

Academic Students
F1   Academic Student
F2 Spouse or child of F1

For Foreign Medical Graduates
(see individual categories H1B, J1, O1, TN, E2)

H1B   Specialty Occupations (Professionals, Graduates)
H1C Nurses going to work for up to three years in health professional shortage areas
H2A Temporary Agricultural Worker
H2B   Temporary worker: skilled and unskilled
H3 Trainee
H4   Spouse or child of H1, H2, H3

E3   for Australians
TN1   for Canadians and Mexicans

OPT   for International Students in USA

Foreign Media Representatives
I Visas for foreign media representatives

Exchange Visitors
J1   Visas for exchange visitors
J2   Spouse or child of J1

Fiancé(e) of US Citizen
K1   Fiancé(e)
K2   Minor child of K1
K3   Spouse of a U.S. Citizen (LIFE Act)
K4   Child of K3 (LIFE Act)

Fiancé(e) of Green Card Holder
V1    Fiancé(e) 

Intra-company Transfer (ICT)
L1A   Executive, managerial
L1B   Specialized knowledge
L2   Spouse or child of L1

Vocational and Language Students
M1   Vocational student or other non-academic student
M2 Spouse or child of M-1

Workers with Extraordinary Abilities
O1 Extraordinary ability in Sciences, Arts, Education, Business, or Athletics
O2 Alien's (support) accompanying O1
O - Spouse or child of O1 or O2

Athletes and Entertainers
P1 Individual or team athletes
P1 Entertainment groups
P2 Artists and entertainers in reciprocal Exchange programs
P3 Artists and entertainers in culturally unique programs
P4 Spouse or child of P1, 2, or 3

International Cultural Exchange Visitors
Q1 International cultural exchange visitors
Q2 Irish Peace Process Cultural and Training Program (Walsh Visas)
Q3 Spouse or child of Q-2

Religious Workers
R1 Religious workers
R2 Spouse or child of R1

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