H1B Visa Requirements and Eligibility

Find out the latest H1B requirements and who is eligible to qualify for an H1B visa:

To be eligible for obtaining an H1B visa You must have ONE of the following qualification requirements:

1) A Bachelor's degree or Masters Degree (or the foreign equivalent degree from your Country), OR

2) 12 years work experience in a skilled profession
, OR

3) A mix of further education + skilled work experience

The general H1B visa eligibilty rule is:
- for every 1 year of studies at University / College = 3 points
- for every 1 year of work experience = 1 point

12 points in 'total' are required to be eligible and qualify for the H1B visa program

If You DO meet the H1B qualification requirements -
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If you do Not meet the qualification and eligibility level for the H1B visa program,
you can take a look at other potentially suitable work visas and learn about them through our learning guides

Quick H1B Visa Requirements Summary