University/College Career Center Solutions
to help your International Students obtain H1B visa sponsorship

If you're the Manager or Director of a US based University or College Career Center,
H1 Base offers powerful and cost effective solutions that enables ALL your International students to quickly and easily target and apply to companies who sponsor and apply for H1B visas

Includes All the following services:
(All of your students get their own personal account and services)

Recommended-Match H1B Employer Search System 

Search by career level, job title, skills or industry, and
in 'any' geographic location with drill down to any preferred City 

- students can now search by career level (entry, graduate, junior, trainee)

- instantly match with the 'best-opportunity' H1B employer companies

Results show Companies ranked in order of highest H1B sponsorship levels  

H1B Sponsorship Best Locations / Top Sponsor Companies

Search by any City or State to see the best sponsor companies:

- includes integrated links to find available jobs advertised on the web, with each sponsor company 
- includes integrated links to find insider connections on LinkedIn, in each sponsor company 
- Makes it quick and easy to target the right companies and find jobs and contacts, all in one place


Top 500 H1B Sponsor Companies - for each Occupation Group
»  Search by main Occupation category to find approximately 500 of the top H1B sponsoring companies for each of these occupations:
Engineering (all types)

Plus, new sponsoring companies register on our platform, which means there's a stream of new and fresh opportunities for your students.

» Interactive online Contact-Databases of H1B Employers that include:
Company Name
Company Location
Contact Details
Job Requirements
Companies can be filtered by City/State location 
» Saves Your students Time & Effort Researching and Searching.
They can quickly and easily connect with the Top H1B Sponsor Companies; in their occupation AND in their preferred location


The most comprehensive and easily searchable databases and records of US employer that has sponsored and filed H1B Visa applications with the USCIS

Includes records of H1B employers, All H1B professions, All H1B Job Titles, in All US locations


Helps conduct the most targeted and productive search by focusing on H1B Sponsor Companies and saves time and effort by avoiding wasted applications to non-sponsoring companies.

Your International students can easily search, find, filter to make sure they apply to the companies that are open to sponsoring and filing H1B visas.

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