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Multi-Dimensional H1B Visa Reports and Employer Research Systems
The most comprehensive, accurate and advanced H1B visa data and statistics analysis, annual and quarterly trend comparisons, and, instant lead generating reporting systems

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Summary Reports, Trends Reports, Comparison Reports, and more

• State and City Statistics, Rankings, Comparisons and Trends
• Company Statistics, Rankings, Comparisons and Trends
• Industry Statistics, Rankings, Comparisons and Trends
• Occupation Statistics, Rankings, Comparisons and Trends
• Job Title Statistics, Rankings, Comparisons and Trends
• Full Time and Part Time Statistics, Rankings, Comparisons and Trends
• Approval or Denial Status Statistics, Comparisons and Trends
• Salary Range and Actual Paid Statistics, Comparisons and Trends 

The most accurate, comprehensive and latest statistical data available

Raw Data Source: US Governments Immigration Bureau  
Data Analysis and Reports: H1 Base Research and Data Management Center

FREE - 2 Research and Visa Data Report Systems:

• H1B Employer Company Research / Visa Filing Statistics

Latest Statistics and Data Reports for 64,814 Companies that filed H1B Visas

Search by Company to view their H1B Visa Filing and Sponsorship Employment Reports

Drill down advanced reports for Occupation, Job Titles, Status, Salaries and more

Vertical Comparison System Showing Companies Annual Trends Analysis Reports
Compare US Companies H1B Visa Filing Statistics, Rankings and Trends 

Includes Company Data and Visa Filing Statistics Reports For:
Company Name and Address,
What office location(s) they filed visas from, 
Companies Ranking Based on H1B Visa Filing Volume
Visa Filing Data and Statistics for Occupations and Jobs
Full Time / Part Time Jobs, and Visa Approval / Denial Rates
Salary Level Paid for Visas Filed for every Occupation and Job
* Drill down reporting system: from summary overviews to individual visa filing / job data 

• Best Locations (States) to obtain H1B Visa Sponsorship - Ranking Report

Top Ranked States based on highest volume of H1B Visa Filing Statistics 

Find out the best States and how many Companies filed visas in each State

Select between Fiscal Years for Annual Trends Analysis Comparison Reports

FREE BONUS - Latest Report for Disqualified H1B Sponsor Companies:

• List of Employers to Avoid - Debarred/Disqualified and Willfull Vilolators

View the latest list of Companies that are disqualified from getting H1B visa applications approved, and those that are subject to random investigations by the Department of Labor for five years

Advanced Research and 'Customized Report' Systems:

Over 40 Multi-Level, Multi-Dimensional Statistics and Data Reporting Systems

H1 Base provides 2 Free basic research database driven systems above, and has over 40 more advanced, customized and contact database reporting systems. Advanced Systems are customized to summarize, and, easily drill down to multi-level and multi-dimensional statistics reports for the exact level of data you need (we have over 10 million individual data records). Reporting structure is automatically ranked highest to lowest

A Few Popular Example Systems Include:
Top Sponsor Companies Nationwide and/or by State or City
Top Sponsor Companies by Industry and/or by Location
Top Sponsor Companies by Occupation and/or by Location
Top Sponsor Companies by Job Title and/or by Location
Top Sponsor Companies by Highest / Lowest Salary and/or by Location
Top Sponsor Companies by Certified / Denied Visas and/or by Location
Top Sponsor Companies by Full / Part Time and/or by Location

Annual Trends & Comparison Features analyze if a Company, location or profession are trending up / down to help project and 'target' who and where will be sponsoring and filing the most H1B visas during the current year.  
All systems can be fully customized for multiple / exact combinations of high level overview reports, individual statistics and targeted data that you need. 

Additional 'Contact Reports' can be generated with 'real-time' accuracy for;
- contact name, title, address, email and telephone,
- and for any Department and Level of contact     

Instant Research Systems - Precision Targeted Leads for:
- Job Seekers searching for Companies that provide work visa based employment  
- Sales and Business Development Lead Generation for Immigration Law Firms
- Sales and Business Development Lead Generation for Recruitment Agencies

Advanced and Customized Reporting Systems are Available for:
- H1B Visa Filing / Employer Company data, statistics and contacts
- Green Card Filing / Employer Company data, statistics and contacts
- H2B/H2C Filing / Employer Company data and statistics
- E3 Visa Filing / Employer Company data and statistics

* Report systems are updated with the latest available Annual and Quarterly Data.  
For Advanced, Customized, Contact Research and Report Systems: per individual or multiple reports, or full and open licensed access to one or multiple systems, please Contact H1 Base for pricing quote (system licensing is available to businesses and corporations only; for single or multi-user licenses) 

* H1B visa reports include raw source data from the US Governments Immigration Department. Data mining, data cleaning, quantative and logitudinal analysis and multi-dimensional statistical reports presented by H1 Base Research and Data Management Center includes: new, transfer, extension, certified and denied LCA filing data for stated fiscal years.

* Advanced Research and Customized Reports systems are continually updated with the latest official data every quarter. Quarterly and Annual Corporate System Licensing options are available.