H1 Base, Inc has partnered with Career Consulting International (The Degree People) to provide you with the most cost effective and highest quality credentials evaluation services, including Free Consultation, Plus a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Career Consulting International (CCI) is a member of:
-- The American Evaluation Association
NAFSA -- Association of International Educators
EAIE -- European Associations of International Education 

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Why do You need to have your credentials evaluated?
If you completed your education outside of the U.S., you must have your credentials evaluated in order to have them understood and recognized by employers, educational institutions, licensing and certification boards in the U.S. An evaluation will provide you with the U.S. academic equivalents for your credentials and allow you to pursue further education or seek employment in the U.S.

How Can an Evaluation Help You?
1) Employment:

Most employers require a document evaluation that shows what the US equivalency of your credentials are. Career Consulting International evaluations are accepted by most employers and the Federal government.
2) University Admission:
Most Universities require a document evaluation of your high school diploma for admissions into their bachelor degree program, and a course by course evaluation for admission into their graduate programs. Always check with admissions or the office of international students to find out what their process is and what they require before ordering.
3) Licensing
Most licensing offices require a course by course evaluation. Career Consulting International does not evaluate for all licenses. It is important that you check with the office that does the licensing to learn what the process is and which evaluators they accept.

What does an Evaluation Report look like?
An evaluation report states the academic credentials you possess, the institution you attended, the date you received them, and the US equivalent of your education credential

When should You have your credentials evaluated?
You should have your credentials evaluated as early as possible so that you can make the most out of the evaluation. If you plan to work or study in the U.S., an evaluation can help you make that decision by showing you how your educational credentials are viewed in the U.S.. If you are seeking employment, the evaluation will help you identify positions for which you have the requisite educational background.

How long will your evaluation take?
Your evaluation will be mailed within 5 days or less from the time the application is received by post mail or fax.
We have a 12-24 hour option and a 48 hour option on payment of a Rush Fee. You can order that on the application form at the rate prescribed therein. Your evaluation will be sent via 1st class mail at no charge. For overnight or priority mail see the application. CCI will do their best to meet or beat these rush times but we are not responsible for acts of God, or extenuating circumstances if rush times cannot be met. Rush fees are not refundable. When the H1b filing are opening or closing rush times and fees may change.

Are evaluations always accepted?
Our evaluations are routinely accepted by the dept of immigration and homeland security, (USCIS), the Federal Government for employment, most major universities and employers. Please note that an evaluation report is advisory and no evaluation will be accepted 100% of the time. Our evaluations are well accepted. However, always check with the office you will be submitting your evaluation to, and make sure that they accept the Career Consulting International evaluation. We guarantee to answer any questions that anyone ever has about your degree or evaluation ¡V even 10 years from now. We guarantee to send additional documents, redo your evaluation and respond to any requests for further evidence. We will always be here to support you.

Do You have to send original documents?
No. Clear copies of all educational documents are sufficient. On rare occasion, CCI reserves the right to request original documents for verification purposes. These documents will be returned if fee of $5.00 per document plus postage is supplied.

What if your documents are not in English?
If your documents are not in English, The Degree People covers over 215 languages and dialects. Language coordinators are dedicated to offering services that meet your every interpreting and document translation need. We offer accurate and non-biased interpreters and certified translators in languages such as Spanish, French, and German for insurance companies, medical offices, law firms, court proceedings, and many more.

How Do You Qualify for the H1B Visa?
The education requirements for the H1B visa are the equivalency of a US bachelors degree, or 4 years of post secondary (college /university level) study.
If you do not have a 4 year degree or if you have an incomplete degree, you can combine with a post secondary diploma from a GOVERNMENT RECOGNIZED institution or you can use work experience.
USCIS uses the 3 to 1 rule. Every 3 years of progressive work experience in the field is equivalent to 1 year of post secondary study. For example, 3 years of university study + 3 years of progressive work experience in the field is equivalent to 4 years of study or a US bachelor¡¦s degree. If you have no post secondary study we can show 12 years of work experience as equivalent to a US bachelors degree. Two associates degrees may NOT be combined but an associates degree (2 years and 6 years of work experience may be combined to be equivalent to a US bachelors degree.
For the USCIS to accept your work experience you need employers¡¦ letters stating your dates of employment, designation and job duties. This MUST be on the employers¡¦ letterhead and signed. Employment may be from outside the US, and may be during the time you attended university. It should state if you worked full time and if not, how many hours per week you worked. Volunteer work can be considered if the duties are explained clearly. If you send us appointment letters or a resume we will work from that and state that the work experience is unverified. Your lawyer will still have to provide USCIS with verification of the work experience so it is best if you submit the work experience letters to us. All work experience letters are to be submitted with the original documents or it will cause a delay in fulfilling your evaluation.
The most important part of getting an H1B Visa is to get a sponsor. For the next fiscal year CCI will be referring people to a service that helps you find sponsors. It is important that you start contacting potential sponsors as soon as possible.

What if You have received an RFE or Denial?
If you have received an RFE or a Denial about your education or about a previous evaluation, be certain to send us a clear copy with your documents. For a free analysis of your RFE or Denial, please go to and fill it out and follow the directions on that application to send us your documents (the email and fax # is different from our regular numbers) and we will have a professor and our director review your situation at no charge.

What if You have a 3 year degree from India that you need evaluated for Immigration purposes?
For the H1B visa you should combine the 3 year degree with a diploma from a government recognized institution or with 3 years of work experience to show equivalency to a US bachelors degree for H1b purposes.

What do You do if you have questions about your evaluation report?
If you have questions about your evaluation report or disagree with its conclusions, please email us. We will reply to you in writing via email. Do not call regarding changes to your evaluation, it can only be handled via email.

How many copies of the evaluation do You get?
You will receive two official hard (paper) copies of the evaluation. You can order extra official copies on the application form at the rate prescribed therein. We can also provide you with a signed electronic copy. Select the option on the form.

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