Foreign Workers and H1B Visa Industry - Big Immigration Bill Winners

The original bill would increase the H1B Visa and green card numbers, and, give their spouses work authorization.

The new revised bill has even more increases and benefits:

» The revised bill raises the annual H1B cap from 65,000 to 115,000. The annual escalator increases from 10,000 to 20,000 if occupational unemployment for the professional, management and related occupations is below 4.5% (which has been below 4% in recent years).

» This would make a total of 155,000 H1B visas available per fiscal year.
(115,000 Regular + 20,000 ADE + 20,000 Escalator). 

» If the President, who immediately praised the Bill, signs it into law as expected before Sep 30, 2013, we should have 50,000 - 75,000 new H1B Visas available starting October 1, 2013 (less than 3 months time).

» Most employers will not be required to offer a job to an equally or better qualified U.S. worker before hiring foreign workers, only "dependent firms" have to do it. Dependent firms are those with 15% or more of the workforce on visas.

» The bill mandates the H1B dependent employers to offer minimum of Level II wage and banning Level I wage.

» A new "intending immigrant" provision excludes the number of H1B and L1 employees who have started the green card process from counting the total number of H1B and L1 employees for the determination of "dependent firms".

» This provision will certainly encourage employers to file large number of employment based green card petitions for their employees to avoid the title and added hassles and costs of being "dependent firms".

» There would also be a 60-day transition period for H1B workers to change jobs, and workers who wish to renew their visas no longer have to leave the country. Foreign workers can finally make their own employment decisions without worrying too much about the legal status.

Are you ready? When the new visas are available it will be fast and furious. Leading employers are always looking for skilled workers and many are planning ahead and starting now to make sure they do not miss out.

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