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H1B Jobs in the USAExperience American corporate culture and reap lifelong career benefits from your work in the USA.

Thousands of international graduates and professionals find good jobs in high-skilled positions in the USA every year; in fact, numerous great career opportunities exist for those who take the initiative. But first you have to find a company to sponsor you for an H1B work visa or Green Card, and to do that, you need to find a job with an American employer.

What's more is that 85,000 H1B visas are available annually, and visa jobs searchers who begin their search before the April filing period are the ones most likely obtain them. And many of the major U.S. companies are already searching for and selecting potential candidates right now. It can be a time-consuming and sometimes-confusing process, but that''s where H1 Base's expertise and specialized services will benefit you and increase your opportunities to a sky-high level.

With our ProElite Premium package, H1 Base's team of work visa sponsorship and career experts empowers YOU in your job search. We help you save precious time and maximize your American visa job search through one-on-one counseling; by providing expert US resume formating and improvement; through professionally targeted resume submissions to premium H1B employers; and 'everything' you need to obtain H1B visa sponsorship in the USA. With H1Base's considerable experience and expertise, our company has helped thousands of international graduates and professionals find excellent, high-salaried jobs in the United States during the past 12 years. And with customers in more than 130 countries worldwide, our company is the clear-cut industry leader in providing employment solutions to international students and overseas professionals alike.

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