H1B Visa Cap Opens April 1st 2013 - 85,000 USA Working Visas Available

In just a few weeks, H1B visa filing for the H1B cap 2013 will open, and 85,000 new H1B visas will become available for skilled international workers.

On April 1st 2013, new H1B visa applications can start to be filed for H1B work authorization to start this year (in October).

Before an H1B visa can be filed for you, though, you'll need to obtain an H1B sponsorship employment offer from a US Company that will employ you and file your visa application (individuals can Not file their own H1B visas).

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The 2013 H1B Visa Cap Explained

The official H1B cap system can be confusing in that H1B visas filed and issued this year during 2013, are termed as FY 2014 H1B cap numbers.

Similarly, H1B visas filed and issued last year during 2012 were termed as FY 2013, and previously visas filed during 2011 were termed as FY 2012.

Because the H1B Visa Program has separate release, filing and employment authorization dates that cross over two Fiscal Years (FY) term, the Fiscal Year for 2014 actually starts during this year in 2013

That's why H1B visas filed and issued in 2013 are counted towards the FY 2014 cap.

US companies can start filing H1B visa applications 'starting' from April 1st - and filing can 'continue' until the cap numbers / quota of 85,000 H1B visas have been issued.

Finding H1B Visa Jobs in Time for the Cap

A sponsorship employment offer letter is a mandatory document that must be included in the H1B visa application (No H1B visa will be issued without one), so it's imperative that you find a position with a US company that sponsors visas.

At this stage in the game, it's important that your time is used wisely. You should concentrate on applying only to employers that have a proven track record of filing visas for foreign nationals. But you aren't likely to find those jobs on major USA job boards like Monster, Indeed or CareerBuilder.

Why is it hard to find H1b sponsorship jobs on these sites? The answer is simple -- employers aren't usually posting jobs for international workers on these sites. Almost all of them are looking for domestic USA employees in their own backyards.

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