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Founded in 2000 to help educate, support and professionally guide International workers and students from all over the World, or in the USA, to obtain US work visa employment and sponsorship, and, to assist US businesses recruit the best and brightest Global talent through the the official US work visa programs.

Our immigration and work visa sponsorship guides, information, resources and services are utlized by, and have assisted thousands of Foreign nationals from over 130 Countries, thousands of US employers / sponsor companies, and many of the top US Universities & Colleges Career Centers, and U.S. Immigration Law Firms.
The most established and trusted specialist Company in the industry:

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What started well over decade ago as the first H1B work visa community site, has now rapidly grown into one of the most established and recognized work visa and sponsorship employment solutions companies in the world. Over the years we have grown by listening to our viewers and customers and by continually building and providing the highest quality and most successful solutions that are required to succeed in the ever-changing and competitive visa sponsorship markets. We have received great reviews and success testimonials from our Consumer and Business cllients, and we have helped thousands of people from all over the world (over 130 Countries) successfully achieve their goal and their dream of living and working in America.

We have worked with and provided resources and services to hundreds of Universities and Colleges in the United States. Solutions designed to professionally assist their International students find entry level / graduate jobs and sponsorship to obtain work visas.

We have been recommended , referenced, contacted by some of the most prestigious companies and authorities from all over the World including the Associated Press, CNN World Business, Monster, Emigrate USA, the MBA Career Services Council, the National Association of Colleges and employers, Market Place Radio station, Monster.com, H1Bvisa.info, Prentice Hall Publishing, Job Bank USA, Expat Exchange, International Student, Top 100 Immigration.com, Immigration Voice, World Passports.. and thousands more

In the Press:

News Channels - We were selected and interviewed by Fox for a news story about the H1B visa program and the current sponsorship and filing conditions.

Immigration Magazines - over the years we have been featured in USA immigration, employment and travel magazines/newspapers regarding the US Work Visa Programs, Relocating to the USA, and USA Recruitment, including numerous editions of 'Emigrate America'.

Industry Publications - our services were advertised in the NACE journal.

On the Radio - we have  been selected and interviewed about the Visa Programs by many USA radio stations including the MarketPlace Business Station.

Published in Books - we authorized the rights for Prentice Hall Business Publishing to include reference to H1 Base services in the Job and Employment search section of the book "Computers Are Your Future"; author Bill Daley.

Presenters at USA National Industry Conferences
Key Note Speaker and conducted a presentation and Q&A session discussing the "Changes, Trends and Forecasts in the H1B Visa Program" at the MBA CSC (Career Services Council) Conference.

" the 1-Stop solution for Foreign nationals" - providing a full spectrum of USA Immigration information and the highest Quality and most successful Job and Sponsorship Work Visa Solutions.

" Independent and unbiased" this is the type of information you need to make critical decisions for you and your family. You can quickly and easily find answers to all your immigration, employment and relocation questions for the USA .

" the most comprehensive work visa community site" where you can network with, ask questions, get advice and meet other International workers and students, and from highly experienced and professionally trained advisers.

H1 Base Corporate Headquarters are located in the business district in St Petersburg, Florida, USA

Founded in 2000 and in 2001 became a Legally Registered US Corporation.

»   Registered with the State Government.

»   A fully Licensed and Insured US Corporation.

»   Been approved as a member of the US Chamber of Commerce

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We are a United States Equal Opportunity Company. All of our information, resources, tools and services are available to all people of all national origin and citizenship status.