H1 Base - Join our Global Partner Program

H1 Base is currently expanding our professional business services through a network of authorized partners and representatives from all Countries around the World

We have a great opportunity for you and we're always looking for professional and quality 'companies' to work hand-in-hand and represent H1 Base in Your Country.

Our Global Partner Program is a joint collaboration between H1 Base and your company - to help your pool of Foreign applicants utilize H1 Base services to achieve their dream of living and working in the USA. H1 Base pays Your company for every applicant you provide, who uses our services.

It's FREE and Easy to join our Global Partner Program and the benefits and commission are unlimited.
To view a list of our current Global Partners - click here

Simply complete the registration form below:

1) Your Company Name.

2) What type of Company are you (private, Corporation, franchise etc).

3) What industry are you in (e.g. employment placement / immigration / travel etc). Please be specific about what your company does.

4) Your representative / contact person. Please provide full name & title.

5) Your Company contact details, including mailing address, phone number, fax number and email address.

6) Your company website address.

7) Number of employees in your company.

8) How long have you been in business.

9) Do you have any offices overseas. If yes, please provide details.

10) Are you currently an authorized partner / reseller for any similar companies to H1 Base - either in the USA or any other Countries. 

11) How many potential Foreign applicants do you forecast you can provide within the next 3, 6 and 12 months.

12) How many Foreign applicants do you have ready to start now.

When you have answered All the required questions above, please email your application to: sam@h1base.com