Achieve the greatest success with specialist solutions - for International professionals and students who need an H1B visa to work in the USA.

Trying to find a job in the USA with a company that will go the extra steps to sponsor you and file an H1B work visa for you is a tough challenge. As an International your search is about much more than finding and applying to jobs. You need an H1B work visa, and your search needs to target and focus on the right companies, jobs, resources and strategies that can get you hired for an H1B visa (anything else is a waste of time).

The biggest challenge that Internationals commonly face is that most US companies do not sponsor and file H1B work visas, and most jobs on general job sites are only available for US Citizens. Many Internationals spend 6, 12 months or even years of their time on general job sites before realizing this. It’s a hidden market, and it requires going extra steps, using specialist services, and all the right strategies to get successfully recruited for an H1B work visa.

H1 Base is uniquely different to general job sites and agencies because all of our services and resources are created specially for you, the international who needs an H1B work visa. We have specialized in the H1B visa employment industry for over 15 years, and 100% of companies / employers in all of our specialist and targeted solutions below do hire, sponsor, and file H1B visas for International professionals and students, and we help you find and get hired directly by top-tier and verified companies. Using specialist, targeted and focused solutions gives you the competitive advantages you need, saves months of searching, and makes your search faster, more effective, and more successful.

Find the US Companies that Recruit and Hire Internationals and File H1B Visas

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Save Time, We Apply to H1B Employers for You

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  • Simply Upload Your CV / Resume in Your Account
  • You Can Optimize Your Resume with Expert Tips
  • H1 Base Applies For You to leading H1B employers for your profession
  • We Send Professionally Targeted Applications by Email
  • You Get a Report listing the Companies We Apply to For You
  • We Apply to an Average of 100 Matched and Targeted H1B Employers For You

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  • Includes Everything Listed in Resume Distribution Package - Plus All The Following
  • Includes One Full Round of Resume Applications Each Month - For 3 Consecutive Months
  • We apply to an Average of 200 - 300 Top-Tier H1B Employers for you each month
  • Bonus 1. Access to Searchable Database of Top Sponsor Companies
  • Bonus 2. Sponsor Company Verification and Visa Filing Statistics System
  • Bonus 3. Visa Filing Documents Checklist and Preparation Guide

The Most Successful Way to Get Hired for an H1B Visa

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  • Our Most Successful and Pro-active Service. Period.
  • Doubles Your Chances for Sponsorship (H1B Visa and/or Green card)
  • H1 Base Applies to Top H1B Employers, plus Top Green Card Sponsors
  • We provide a Priority Search and Application Service for You
  • We Apply Directly to Top-Tier and Premium Sponsor Companies
  • We Utilize Advanced Search Strategies and Latest Techniques
  • H1 Base Does the Research, Search and Application Work for You
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  • You Get a Dedicated One-to-One Advisor to Work With You Directly
  • We Review, Improve and Optimize Your Resume For You
  • Applications Includes Registered H1 Base Premium Sponsors
  • We Focus on High Hiring and High Salary Companies First
  • We Can Perform Applications For Dual Profession Options
  • Includes Expert Interview Preparation Tips and Advice
  • Register From Any Location in the World
  • Continues Until You Get the Visa Sponsorship Job That You Want

Stand Out and Get Noticed by H1B Employers with a More Powerful Resume

Resume Writing Service Regular Price $299. Special Offer - Save $100


  • Get a perfect new US style resume that gets you hired faster
  • Your new resume will be written by a certified resume writer
  • Written using latest best practice methods, formats and strategies
  • Gets you considered for more jobs, better jobs, and higher salaries
  • Gives you a huge competitive advantage over other job seekers
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  • We review and edit your existing CV / Resume
  • Includes length, formatting, and layout presentation corrections
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  • Corrects the top 10 CV / Resume mistakes to achieve higher consideration
  • Makes sure you do not miss out on jobs that you should get consider for
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Recent customer testimonials

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your great team at H1base for being so kind and helpful. That is wonderful not to feel alone in my endeavours. I am thankful having found a wonderful and great personal Counselor with your advice and moral support. Thought to let you know how much I appreciated your efforts"

"I received an offer from employer which contains request for obtaining work visa. I also ask for your help in checking and support in negotiations"

"I just would like to say thank you, thank you for everything, You’ve helped me so much by guiding me, inspiring me and motivating me all the time. I hope for a better tomorrow because of strong support and motivation from most wonderful people like you."

"H1 Base was really helpful in searching employment opportunities for me. Not only does it provide sufficient options, what makes it so valuable is that it helps me narrow down the locations and types of employers I'm looking for. It is such a useful tool that saved my time in finding a job and customer support is really out there to help."

"I got a job and your assistance was great. Thank you and regards."

"Delighted to be included with your services giving me this opportunity to extend my leap for my my carrier. God bless you as you continue to brighten hopes of thousands across continents. Nothing is as more rewarding as make lives more better through you."

"Thank you for all wonderful service."

"Hi, my name is Kantu. Am very satisfied with how am working with H1Base services. I was very nervous about the whole process but as its turning out well worth it. Every stage i get to there is immediate progress. Am subscribed to the Complete Assistance Program and everything is done on my behalf so it its convenient and stand higher chances of achieving goal."

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Every day we go the extra steps to help people obtain H1B visa sponsorship; in all types of jobs, professions and industries, and at all levels from junior to senior to management.

For 15 years H1 Base has been the leading and #1 recommended specialist H1B solutions Company

Many leading industry organizations have featured and recommended our expert help and specialist solutions for people who need an H1B visa to work in the USA.

Leading generalist job sites like Monster, TheLadders and many more have referred job seekers who need an H1B visa, to use our specialist solutions.

Many immigration lawyers and law firms recommend and refer immigrants who need work visa employment, to use our specialist solutions.

Top-tier news and media sources like CNN, Fox and many more have interviewed or featured us as a leading and trusted industry specialist company

You can get an H1B sponsorship job and H1B visa / work permit 

... and your chances are very good

Successfully obtaining H1B jobs and visa sponsorship is very achievable, but it requires planning ahead and going a few extra steps.

For over 14 years H1 Base has specialized in the H1B Visa Program and the niche H1B sponsorship employment market.

Every year we work with US companies that sponsor and apply for H1B visas. Every year we help Foreign nationals obtain H1B visa sponsorship employment.

There are many proven, effective and reliable services, strategies, techniques, tools and resources that when integrated and combined together, work in unison to increase your chances, speed up the process, and make sure you get the best opportunity.

Premium level services save you months of time consuming searching and hard work:
- H1 Base has thousands of companies that hire, sponsor and apply for H1B visas,
- H1 Base can professionally match and apply to H1B sponsoring companies for you,
- H1 Base sponsorship counselors can work with you directly to guide and advise you.

The ultimate improvement and optimization solutions that deliver the best results.

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Recommended Professional Assistance Solutions for 
International Students and Professionals 
need H1B visa sponsorship to live and work in the USA

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Gain all the competitive advantages and benefits from over 15 years H1B visa industry expertise and specialization, to help you increase and maximize your opportunity, and expedite the H1B visa sponsorship search and recruitment process - to live and work in America.

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